AT&T Bags a Big ONE—HTC 64GB

Sara Cunningham April 1, 2013 0

AT&T  just became HTC One 64GB Smartphone’s exclusive mobile carrier. Good news for AT&T subscribers,  bad  news for its rivals and HTC?

It seems that AT&T will be “One” step ahead of its biggest rivals T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, when it comes to HTC’s One 64 GB Smartphone.

Recently uploaded on AT&T’s official YouTube account is a video announcement showing HTC’s One 64GB Smartphone as an AT&T exclusive handset.

What’s so great with the 64GB version of  HTC’s One that is causing too much commotion? Who needs 64GB worth of memory in their Smartphones anyway?

AT&T Bags HTC One 1

The obvious answer is “everyone”. Everyone who hates deleting photos, videos, music and all kinds of apps and whatnot on their Smartphones would love a 64GB One edition from HTC.

The storage is not the only thing going for HTC One though, this 4.7 inch handset boasts of 468 pixels per inch and a full HD 1080p display. The processor clocks at 1.7 GHz quad-core, .1 GHz ahead of Samsung Galaxy S4. The battery has an above average life at 2300Ah and the said unit sports a 2GB memory compared to other Smartphones who have only 1 GB.

The new HTC One 64GB is probably the only serious competitor of Samsung’s latest Champion Galaxy S4 in terms of specs and price.

AT&T cornering the 64 GB edition of One means that T-Mobile, Sprint and the others will be left with the 32 GB version. A fact that caused much gripe for T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers who are waiting for HTC’s One 64GB Smartphone, but not willing to switch carriers.

That could pose as a bad news for HTC. Unless subscribers from rival companies are ready to jump ship from their current network providers just to get their hands on a 64GB One handset. T-Mobile’s no-contract Smartphones have reeled in a lot of new subscribers lately, so HTC probably lost potential clients in that area.

The much-awaited and controversial 64GB version of HTC’s flagship is finally hitting the U.S market by the end of April, according to AT&T. The handset will be priced at $299 for a 2-year plan.

Meanwhile AT&T will be accepting pre-orders for the 32GB version starting April 4 for $249. A full $50 more than Sprint is offering for its 32GB HTC One handset. No mention as yet when the 64GB will be available for pre-ordering.

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