New Facebook Home To Be Launched Tomorrow

Sara Cunningham April 1, 2013 0

We’re about to see Facebook’s New Home on Android tomorrow.  After weeks of speculations as to whether Facebook is launching its very own Smartphone or whether it’s going to launch the first ever Facebook-developed OS, we will finally know for sure tomorrow.

The media and the rest of the world were all hyped up with the announcement made by Facebook CEO and President, Mark Zuckerberg to “come see our new home on Android”.

The cryptic invitation fuelled the rumor mills for almost a week. Some people are excited to hear about a Facebook-dedicated phone, while some are already weighing the pros and cons of switching from their Android or iOS Smartphones to a Facebook Smartphone.

New Facebook Home 2

The rumors are getting hotter as the date of the launch approaches. Just a few hours ago, we caught some new rumors that say Facebook may actually be launching two things tomorrow. The Facebook Smartphone and a new Facebook app called “Home”.

The Facebook app called ”Home” might be the true “ Superstar” tomorrow and not the phone. But it remains to be seen what is so special about this Home app that may warrant the world’s attention for a few hours tomorrow.

According to some rumors, the new Facebook phone will be manufactured by HTC. Some leaked images of the alleged Facebook phone, “HTC Myst” is already making its round in the internet arousing more speculations.

Is Facebook really trying to get a share in the Smartphone market? If so, a Facebook phone  with decent hardware and software combination at the right price might succeed with low budget young people. But that’s not the direction that Facebook might be going.

Based on Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s announcement during a TechCrunch conference, the company is taking the opposite direction. Their sights are not into manufacturing phones but in something greater than that. But still, most people will choose to see the event tomorrow as a Facebook Smartphone unveiling event.

The bigger picture that Facebook might be looking at, is to get their new ”Home app” to all Smartphone vendors, to have it integrated as the default home screen in every phone regardless of what operating system the manufacturers are using.

This of course depends on how strongly current Facebook users feel about the social network to make it feasible for the manufacturers to take the “Home” app onboard.

Right now these are all speculations, but tomorrow we will know for sure if we’re getting a new Facebook phone or a new Facebook app called “Home”.

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