HTC and Nokia’s Rising Market Share Attributed to Windows Phone 8

Sara Cunningham April 2, 2013 0

A few days ago, Microsoft’s Head of Public Relations, Frank Shaw posted in  his blog that Windows Phone 8 is outshipping Apple’s iPhone in key markets.

It seems that HTC and Nokia along with their OS Windows 8 is capturing a very lucrative mid range market. According to Shaw, IDC reports say that Windows Phone share in several markets is now up to 10 percent.

A research published by a well-known consumer knowledge expert, Kantar Worldpanel Comtech attributes Nokia and HTC’s rise in market share to Microsofts’s Windows 8 operating system.

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According to Kantar’s survey, Windows Phone 8 is becoming popular especially in the UK market where HTC’s sales have grown by 5 percent, from a 4 percent market share to 9.1 percent. Kantar’s Global Consumer Insight Director, Dominic Sunnebo cites HTC One X+ and Windows Phone 8 S as particularly good sellers in the UK.

According to Sunnebo, Nokia’s Lumia handsets’ sales could also be attributed to the growing popularity of Windows 8 OS. Nokia’s market share in the UK has risen up to 5.6 percent according to their analysis.

Furthermore, Sunnebo asserts that Nokia’s growing sales is “driven by its Windows 8 devices appealing to consumers, rather than sales of older Windows 7 models on promotion”.

This survey report, if they are accurate should be a cause of joy for current Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Nokia’s helm-man who staked his job and the company’s future on Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The Kantar’s report also cites Samsung as the most popular Smartphone and Google’s Android as the most popular OS.

It has become a four-way OS race with  Google’s Android at the forefront, followed by iOS, Blackberry and Windows 8 OS. Depending on the market trend, Windows Phone might soon overtake Blackberry and iOS by 2016 according to IDC.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is currently being manufactured by Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Huawei. The mid range market is where the action is right now, and this market is currently being dominated by these manufacturers which makes for a good forecast for Windows Phone 8.

Kantar Worldpanel Comtech’s Smartphone survey believes that Windows Phone 8 is the reason behind HTC and Nokia’s growing market share, if this trend continues it will not be long before Windows Phone 8 outsell and out ships Android and iOs Smartphones, not only in seven countries but in all countries with a strong and thriving middle range market.

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