Android Jelly Bean Users Up 25 Percent Per New Google Calculation System

Sara Cunningham April 2, 2013 0

According to Google’s revised way of calculating activations, Jelly Bean OS is about to overtake its predecessor, Ice Cream Sandwich.

As of April, according to stats from Google developers, Jelly Bean is now being used by 25 percent of Android devices. Do the Math, with 500 million Android devices currently in the hands of consumers as of early 2013, 23 percent is running on Android 4.1 jelly Bean OS and 2 percent running on the latest version 4.2 according to the new system.

According to Google starting April, data collection from its Android Platform Version (APV) will be extracted from data collected from the device when the Android user checks in the Google Play Store.

Jelly Bean 2

The old system of calculating activations was based on data gathered when a user logs in to Google servers.

According to Google, “We believe the new data more accurately reflects those users who are most engaged in the Android and Google Play ecosystem”.

This APV stat system result is good publicity for Jelly Bean, making Jelly Bean OS the Android Flavor of the Month.

Ice Cream Sandwich, according to the new data is currently running on 29.3 percent of Android Smartphones sold. The new results also show that most Android phones are still running on good old Gingerbread OS, at 39.8 percent.

For those who are curious how Google came to assign such colorful and delicious names to their Android OS, the answer is quite simple.

The Android mobile operating systems are a work in progress by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) and it has since been updated several times, for tweaking and fixing bugs and mostly to add new features.

Codenaming of the Android OS in an alphabetical system started in April 2009 which began with Cupcake, Donut , Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and the last but latest Jelly Bean which was released on Smartphone devices in  November 2012.

The latest OS Champion Jelly Bean will probably be receiving a bigger push once Samsung Galaxy S4 hit the market. According to recent news, the Galaxy S4 will be launched on April 18 in Hongkong, while AT&T one of the US’ leading network operator just announced that it will start taking pre-orders starting April 16.

The Editor’s Choice for Smartphone operating system, Jelly Bean  4.2.2 is already running in LG’s Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and  Samsung’s Nexus 10.

Our latest forecast?  A higher percentage of Jelly Bean users in the very near future.

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