Microsoft’s $25 QuickStart Kit Deal Snapped Up by Mac Developers

Sara Cunningham April 2, 2013 0
Microsoft’s $25 QuickStart Kit Deal Snapped Up by Mac Developers

Microsoft announced on April 2 that it is offering its Microsoft Windows 8 Pro and Parallels Desktop at $25 for Mac developers. “A $25 donation to your favorite charity, courtesy of our friends at Swish” was Microsoft’s sales pitch.

A deal which was snapped up quickly by the Mac community.

This offer came just two months after Microsoft launched modern IE – its development and testing website. The new version of Internet Explorer has been made more compliant with current standards but it still needs a lot of catching up, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft’s $25 QuickStart Kit Deal Snapped Up by Mac Developers 2

The software company is hoping that this move will help to pave the way for more IE compliant websites. The idea is to bring in dedicated Mac developers who will work their way to make their websites and apps compatible with Microsoft’s newly launched web browser.

Microsoft made its offer too sweet to resist for inventors and startups by adding Parallels Desktop 8 as a take one offer when they buy the QuickStart. The Parallels 8 is hardware Virtualization Platform for Macintosh computers.

Sandeep Singhal, IE Group Program Manager, on his blog, mentioned how Parallels match up to any Virtualization platform that Mac developers are already using.

Windows 8 professional normally costs $199, but with the unbeatable deal Microsoft is offering, Mac developers will be able to test their apps through a virtual Windows environment almost for free.

The deal would make a big savings in the cost of supporting Microsoft’s IE browser especially for developers using Mac computers.

“The Windows Quickstart offer sold out quickly. Given how popular these were, we will look into making other offers available in the near future,” announced Singhal.

Microsoft is definitely on the right track with its plan to bring reinforcement to their Redmond team of developers. Mac developers. They need to attract more app developers for its Windows 8 touch-oriented modern UI to bring it on par with its competitor.

According to some rumors, the company has recently revised almost all of its flagship products in the hope of building a more cohesive system.

Additionally, more recent buzz about Windows Blue, the alleged Windows 8 update seem to imply that future Internet Explorer updates will allow users an easier transition of their online activities from one device to another.

Hopefully this new strategy of Microsoft will bring more apps in their shelves and make modern IE a strongly supported browser for its Windows 8 and Windows Blue platform.

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