Late CEO Steve Jobs Lives on in iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

Sara Cunningham April 3, 2013 1
Late CEO Steve Jobs Lives on in iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

As the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 5s grows near, rumors and speculations abound. The latest of this being that Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011 had a hand in the design of two of Apple’s iPhones that are yet to be released.

The basis of this speculation arose from a recent report by the Scottish-American news and social media website, Mashable.  According to the report, a San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascon was told by an Apple representative that the iPhones that are currently underway “preceded Tim Cook”.

Steve Jobs Lives On 2

A report by The Examiner explained the details as to how  San Francisco D.A. Gascon became privy to the information. According to the said report,  it came about when Gascon met with Apple’s government liaison officer Michael Foulkes to address possible ways of stopping mobile phone theft.

Gascon pointed out that half of the phones reported to be stolen are iPhones. The San Franciso D.A. was frustrated by Apple’s reluctance to institute the kill switch technology that would disable has stolen phones thereby curbing mobile phone thefts. He also suggested that the manufacturers’ reluctance to introduce the kill switch technology is because they’re actually benefitting from the situation.

Is Apple really turning a blind eye on the escalating cases of iPhone theft? Lately, Apple has been suffering from waning popularity as consumers embrace Android Smartphones by droves and Windows Phones are starting to make a niche for itself in the mid range market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has his work cut out for him just trying to keep up with rival manufacturers, not to mention the fact that he has to keep up with the standards that Former CEO Steve Jobs has left behind.

The late Steve Jobs was a great driving-force behind Apple and his simplistic and perfectionist approach has brought Apple Corporation to the heights. Will Tim Cook usher on a great era for Apple or will Apple’s downfall happen on his watch?

According to Kantar Worldpanel analysts, Apple has seen a 3.5 percent drop in global sales in the first quarter of 2013.

Will the soon to be released iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, the last two iPhones allegedly developed under Steve Jobs personal supervision be the iPhone that will turn the tide for Apple?

According to analyst Gene Munster the latest iPhone will make an appearance in the market by the end of June and a cheaper version of the middle market range in September.

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