Windows Phone 8 Finally Got Temple Run Running

Sara Cunningham April 3, 2013 0

Microsoft’s Senior Content Publisher, Michael Stroh just announced last Wednesday, that the highly addictive mobile game ”Temple Run” can now be played in Windows 8 Smartphones.

Great news for gamers, now you can turn, jump and slide using your very own Windows 8 Smartphones. Not only that, Temple Run is not the only game landing on your Smartphones, according to Stroh, a host of other games will follow soon after.

Why is Temple Run the coolest mobile game in town? Everybody loves treasure hunting games and Temple Run is treasure hunting with a twist that will make your heart pound. One swipe makes you turn, jump and slide as you run for your life. The native drums beating in the background just add excitement to the chase and better you know it, you’re addicted.

There is a high demand for Temple Run from gamers whose Smartphone of choice happens to be running on a Windows 8 platform.  So we can imagine the excitement this announcement brought to Windows Phone users.

Stroh described  “Temple Run” as “ a must-have game for your Windows Phone. And it is!

Many may be a little bit downcast to hear that they have to wait a little more for Temple Run 2, but the majority are more than happy just to have the original version in their Smartphones.

Temple Run 2

Thanks to the new Windows 8 compatible gaming engines, programmers have an easy time converting popular Android and iOS games to Windows Phone 8 version. Soon there will be more Android and iOS a game that will make its home on Windows Phone 8.

According to Stroh, games like “Chaos Ring” and “Gravity Guy 2” are part of of Temple Run’s entourage.  Gravity Guy 2 costs $2.99 to download. Other games expected to hit Windows store this week are “6th Planet”, “Propel Man”, “Orcs Must Survive” and something else to look forward to this summer is Ratrod Studio’s Street Outlaws.

There are some spoilers though, for some Windows Phone 8 users.  Temple Run is only compatible and can be played in Smartphones having 1 GB memory.  Nokia Lumia 520/620/720 are great Smartphones, but the memory required to play the game is not enough. Nokia’s Lumia 920, that’s more like it.

So I guess the announcement from Senior Content Publisher, Michael Stroh is a little bit misleading, Temple Run did not make all Windows Phone 8 its new home after all.

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