Is Google Fiber Headed for Texas?

Jasmina Lozevska April 8, 2013 0
Is Google Fiber Headed for Texas?

As it seems, Google is letting the Fiber slip out of their hidden begs and it’s headed towards Texas. Several reports announced that this deal has been done and it’s true that this service is gone with the wind and it will be placed in Texas. And according to some other people close to Google, Google this Fiber net service maybe is getting ahead even of itself with this step.

This will be announced sometime next week in a so far mysterious conference and we can expect Austin, Texas to be next destination in line for getting this Google Fiber. This service will offer 100 times faster Internet access distancing itself way ahead of the other service providers. We can see this coming even with the press invite for the press which says that Google and Austin City will make announcement which will be very important and it has positive impact for the people who are living there and for the future of the city.

So far, the people who represent Google and the officials from Austin didn’t say anything on this. But according to Engadget, some tipster whose work is based on the Google’s field announced a story with blank content but with a title which started this rumor mill. The title was: “Google Fiber’s next stop: Austin, Texas and this was posted by SoAndSo team.


So how can we interpret this? – Photoshop fun made from someone who hasn’t much to do with his life? – Google’s new way for throwing the media into the proper scene or blowing away the attention of it? – Or just we can say that this SoAndSo team shouldn’t play with its publishing tests out on the field just to make false blank stories.

But maybe this has something true in it. Why is that? – Austin KVUE TV has announced that Google Fiber is finally a deal done in Austin. And other web pages have indicated that Google Fiber in Austin makes every sense and it will arrive there very soon. This is very good news for those who are speed addicted and they want their connection to be fast all the time, with Google Fiber they will have all that. But they have to stay little more patient until Tuesday to know if these rumors are true. From previous experience this kind of service will not arrive over night so maybe they will learn how to be patient through this process.

One thing is for sure, Google Fiber is spreading fast and that is great news to hear. Having fast internet service provider in 21st century is something that we must look forward to.

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