Apple MacBook Pro Retina: A Nice High-End Laptop

Jasmina Lozevska April 8, 2013 0

Apple has been known as one of the best PC manufacturer in the past, and now with their laptop manufacturing they became even better. Just look at Apple’s MacBook Pro Retina and you will know for what I’m talking about. This high-end laptop is breathtaking in every point of view. In that regard, I’m going to make an overall review just to show off the best of this device.



The design of this device is really rare and gives the device a quite premium look. With the starting $2 199 price, Apple has introduced something that is in a different field of other products and it’s a great mix of features and design. The features can’t be copied or duplicated in the other Mac laptops and that makes it one and only notebook out there. This laptop is introduced to be the biggest change to the Apple’s Pro devices since 2008.


The real highlight feature in this notebook is its Retina display. This magnificent display has a remarkable 2,800 x 1,800 pixel density and clear detail level that is never seen on a notebook before. It looks great, and you cannot compare it to the non-retina models. It will be definitely more useful for the ones who are addicted to high resolution applications and programs like Photoshop or some other tools. The developers of the other popular programs will likely update them to use the advantage of this new retina screen.

The operating system is of course the OS X 10.7.4 Lion.



This MacBook pro with Retina display is equipped with 2.3 i7 Intel-core processor powered by 8GB of RAM and a hard drive of 256 GB SSD. The graphic chip is remarkably made by Nvidia and it performance on the retina display and the other features and programs looks really great. The graphic card is Nvidia GeForce Intel HD 4000 GT 650M.

If you take it in your hands and use it for a while you will notice that it’s much different than the other MacBook devices. It’s nearly thin as the MacBook Air and it’s heavier than it looks and it weighs 4.6 pounds. And according to this, it’s not that kind of notebook that can bring it with you moving it around in different places.

On first glance, you can mix it up with the MacBook Air, but from up close it’s a completely different story. The design of the speakers, the keyboard or the track pad has a slight difference from the last MacBook devices, which is not a bad thing. Some of the other manufacturers tried to copy some of the features like the backlit of the Apple’s keyboard but they didn’t succeed to surpass the challenge. With their trackpad they remain as the leaders in that industry.


Apple is not known to give much of the ports and the connections on their devices. Normally Ethernet and FireWire connections are included and for the first time HDMI was included which came in like a very great surprise. It has two thunderbolt ports followed by two USB 3.0 ports.

Other than this, changing it from AMD graphic card to the Nvidia 650M GeForce is also a big step or to be exact, this is the biggest step forward.


The battery life is always the strongest side when it comes to Apple. This device has very discrete GPU but you can turn on and off the components and prevent the unnecessary draining of the battery. Like all the Mac notebooks, this one has a sealed battery as well.

At the end we, are bringing you the pros and cons of the device:

Pros: High Resolution Retina Display, beautifully clear vivid picture, Powerful components, lightweight body, slightly redesigned body, Nvidia graphic card, USB 3.0 and HDMI.

Cons: To expansive for the features.

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