Microsoft Office 2013 Review: An Upgrade We Can’t Do Without?

Sara Cunningham April 9, 2013 0

The new Microsoft 2013 just released to the market 2 months or so ago is obviously the best version of Microsoft Office available today. It succeeded Microsoft Office 2010 and incorporates a lot of new features such as online messaging services like Skype, Hotmail, Skydive, etc. It also features improved support for most document formats as well as additional support for multi-touch interfaces. But is it enough to make it unexpendable for the common people?

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Is Your Computer Eligible for Microsoft Office 2013?

Microsoft Office 2013 is a bit choosy; it won’t let itself be installed in your computer unless you’re using Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, 1A-32 or x64 systems. So that means if you’re still using  Windows XP, Windows Vista, XP Sweet, you’re out for the running for the improved Microsoft Office 2013.

What’s so good with Microsoft Office 2013?

Let’s count the ways. With the new Microsoft Office 2013, one can sync Office application settings between different devices just by logging in to a Microsoft Account or a 365 Office account. It also includes an update feature for Microsoft Word’s read mode and allows users to insert video and audio in their Word documents. Other additional features improved include a flatter ribbon interface, a new look for the start screen, online image support from, etc. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 also received new slides and animation designs. Some old features were removed from the old version to make way for newer and better features.

License and Distribution

Unlike the old productivity suite version, the Microsoft Office 2013 is not distributed through DVD, but by direct download from the Microsoft Office website. The program is saved in the PC’s hardware and utilizes a “click to run” system. There were some changes in licensing which may sound like a bad idea for purchasers with multiple computers. The new system will let you install the Office 2013 on one computer only, and is not transferable nor can you make a copy to run it on a second computer. This is Microsoft’s way of safeguarding from the rampant pirating of Office in the internet. This could also be the way to drive people to avail instead of the Office 365 with a fixed annual subscription rate. Microsoft however, announced just recently that it will let purchasers transfer the license from one computer to another owned by the same user every 90 days, after some negative feedback from consumers in Europe.

Is the New Microsoft Office 2013 Suite For You?

Obviously there is a great improvement and new features to be found in Microsoft Office 2013 that we didn’t see in Microsoft Office 2010. There’s an edition of the new Office 2013 suite for almost everybody, from big business enterprises to home and student. The very basic edition of Office 2013 costs $140 and for an annual fee of $100 for Office 365. For those who don’t have the means and the need for the Office’s new features, a working Office 2007 version would do just fine.

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