Sony Making 4K TV’s More Affordable for Consumers

Jasmina Lozevska April 9, 2013 0
Sony Making 4K TV’s More Affordable for Consumers

Great news everybody – high resolution and HD TV devices are now made more affordable for purchasing. They are still expensive but, they are no longer listed just for high rollers. Sony started offering the 55-inch and 65-inch high resolution TV’s for $4.999 & $6.999 respectively. I know these prices seems little bit high, but for these devices they are perfect.

If $20.000 for purchasing an 84-inch HD 4K TV is too expensive to pay, don’t worry, Sony has reduced the prices and made them more friendly and affordable that you don’t need to withdraw money from your savings account. These earlier mentioned TV sets will be available for you to order in April 21. They were unveiled at Consumer E. Show which took place in Las Vegas at the beginning of this year, in January to be exact. They are now available for demonstrations at Sony stores in Las Vegas, Huston, New York and in some of the California’s cities Century City, Costa Mesa and Paolo Alto.

According to a statement from Mike Lucas, who is senior VP of the Electronic Home division at Sony, the 55-inch and 65-inch HD 4K TV’s will arrive into your homes before the summer and they will bring special viewing experience to the whole audience. These two Sony 4K TV models bring four times more of the pixel density compared to the regular HD TV sets. This Company is continuously pushing towards moving the whole industry to 4K video and they are hoping for new cycle of upgrades, for example the replacement of the CRT TV sets with present flat-panel TV models.


And this company didn’t stop here. They announced that their Media Player FMP-X1 4K will be made available for you to purchase it this summer. This Media player will be equipped with 10 featured films and some video materials in 4K resolution. The movies which will be featured are: Battle: LA, Bad Teacher, Taxi Driver, Salt, That’s my boy, The other guys, Total Recall, The Amazing Spiderman, The bridge on the river Kwai and The Karate Kid.

We have said this numerous times in other posts of this kind. Reducing the prices of new technology means two things – either it’s not selling very well, or they are making room for another innovation. However, that is not our problem to worry about. Buying this kind of products for cheaper price it’s the best thing to do. It’s not that cheap but it’s still affordable, regarding the product.

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