Apple MacBooks Next Gen Will Possess Touchscreens and be Convertible

Jasmina Lozevska April 9, 2013 0
Apple MacBooks Next Gen Will Possess Touchscreens and be Convertible

The patent applications from the big companies are the best way to figure out their plans for the future. We have the same situation again, Apple filled patent application which includes next generation of the MacBooks and suddenly we are on the verge of discovering the future plans of this secretive company.

So, if you are a big fan of the Apple’s work or to be exact a big fan of the MacBook computers this should be such good news for you. The upcoming, next generation of the MacBook pro might include a touchscreen display and maybe it will be a convertible laptop. This means that you can remove the screen from the base. Cool huh?

As we said earlier, Apple has filled anew patent which involves the new Apple MacBook Pro. This is a great indication that this company is currently working on a laptop that will feature a touchscreen display and you will be enabled to remove the display and use it like a tablet. This is a great innovation which will fit great in this product and you’ll have two things for a price of one device. We have already seen this kind of laptops which meets these criteria, so it’s not new thing on the market but its sure interesting to see a company as Apple to produce something like this.


HP Envy laptop series are including this removable touchscreen display which runs on Windows 8. And if something similar like this happens to the next generation MacBook Pro from Apple will be amazing. I’m amazed because we are talking about Apple and MacBook Pro models, and we can expect something that is really unique and cool. If the patents get approved and they start with the manufacturing of these devices, maybe they will look like the other available laptops but I’m sure that there is something that Apple doesn’t want to share with us, as always. From previous experience Apple is always secretive about their products and there is no doubt that they will surprise us with this new product.

The thing is we don’t know if this tablet/laptop will use the standard Mac OSX or it will use something new like lighter iOS. Keeping it this on mind, I’m kind of very excited about all this. I’m dying to see something new beside the magnificent retina display which was added recently, and something like this will definitely fulfill my needs.

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