Record Breaking App Downloads and Sales for 2013

Jasmina Lozevska April 10, 2013 0
Record Breaking App Downloads and Sales for 2013

We had record breaking app downloads and sales in 2012. And now, the first fiscal quarter of 2013 showed 11% increase in application downloads over all quarters combined in 2012. This means big time money or $2.2 billion total revenue for this 3 months period.

We can say that this was expected to happen because all the people around the world are becoming more and more addicted of their mobile devices and the application market continues to increase. These results came from an analyst firm Canalys which showed that the top 4 app stores reached around 13.3 billion downloads worldwide in this first fiscal quarter.

According to the chief analyst of Canalys, Adam Daum, at this time apps have a really big impact on the consumers who have used some mobile device. He added that the applications are a big reason for users are connecting with the content of the services and how they can personalize their devices around the features enabled from the applications.


The top 4 application stores are Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Windows Phone store, BlackBerry World and they have combined $2.2 billion in revenue of all downloaded applications. Apple took the biggest part with around 74% of the whole market share. Google play took home less cash but they had the best number of downloads, around 51% from what the other stores combined together. Apple came on the second place with downloads.

However, Google Play and Apple’s App store are untouched on the first two spots and they remain the “heavyweights” in this world of applications. Just for comparison, BlackBerry’s World and the App store included in Windows Phones are far behind and they are not challenging enough to reach the proper top spots. These were the thoughts of an analyst called Tim Shepherd. He added that each of these four app stores are representing different proposition market field for the developers.

It is worth mentioning that the companies are not the only ones that are taking money from the applications sales. A report in December from this very same analyst firm showed that some of developers are making good profit. 25 developers during December have generated more than half of all mobile applications earned revenue. The list includes well known developers like Zynga, Disney Rovio and Electronic Arts, and these companies combined for $60 million from paid downloads in U.S. All other companies have shared the remaining $60 million.

So, applications are very profitable for the both sides, for the company that sells them and the developers who made them. The market is big and you need only the idea and the proper knowledge.

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