Report States Revamped Apple Mac Pro Will be Introduced this Month

Jasmina Lozevska April 10, 2013 0

This is great news, people. According to a report, the revamped Apple Mac Pro which we’ve all been waiting for will arrive later this month. This news especially will be received with joy by those who are counting the days when their favorite PC manufacturer will revamp their desktop Pro machine.

Mac Daily New is a very accurate source when it comes to Apple and they have said that they will announce this new updated product somewhere this month. But, Apple didn’t comment anything on this, adding a simple explanation that they don’t share comments on rumors and speculations. In the report, the source added that Apple might reschedule this launching through June when the annual conference is scheduled for developers in San Francisco.

Last year in June, Apple has made some updates to this Mac Pro model by placing Thunderbolt, some speedier Serial ATA and USB 3.0. They made some updates when it comes to the processors and they included larger amount for built-in RAM feature.


Previously, a costumer sent a nastygram to Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO), who promised a really great update will come out somewhere in 2013. Later in February, a memo which was sent by one of the Apple’s resellers suggested that Apple is working on a spring release. Mac Pro costs $2,499 and it’s valued to be one of the most expensive products that Apple has ever made. While Apple is focusing on its mobile devices, this product stays almost the same all the time but even with that, it’s used by many of the TV and film industries.

Earlier at the beginning of this month, Apple has been forced to stop all sales of this machine in Europe. This was indicated by a law, which went in force and requires more strict electronic regulations. Apple has decided to stop the selling instead of making numerous adjustments to the PC design. Maybe this wasn’t right thing to do but Apple can survive even without Europe, because making their product like they want is the main characteristic of Apple and it won’t be changed just by one court order.

There are many speculations about how it will look like, but as we said earlier Apple hasn’t give any indications that this might be true. We just need to stay patient a little bit more and the product will come sooner or later.

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