Next Generation Xbox to be Announced in May

Jasmina Lozevska April 10, 2013 0
Next Generation Xbox to be Announced in May

The best game console for me is the Xbox, and when I hear something that involves it, I’m turning myself into ears. But this time, I’m a little bit surprised by Microsoft, as they made their next generation a little bit pricey and it will require an all-time internet connection.

Microsoft will reveal this next-gen Xbox at an already scheduled event on May 21. This was announced by a blogger called Paul Thurrott, interviewed by The Verge. At first, this event was scheduled for April but recently was pushed to May. Verge is not the only media that made this report. Paul Thurrott was interviewed by “What the Tech” video blog on Friday also. He said something similar to this or to be exact – he announced that Microsoft is preparing the debut for this new console for that big event.

Some sources close to this company have reported that this event will not be for everyone. It will be a small, almost private event and it will offer the very first details of this new Xbox, which has a funny code name: Durango. Microsoft will later in July unveil the whole new product with full specifications and completed design at E3 event scheduled in June. It will happen in Los Angeles and the product is expected to hit the store shelves somewhere later in this year.


And this is the worst part of this happy moment. According to Thurrott, Durango will cost $500 for its regular console and $300 for the subscription model. And as it seems, Microsoft doesn’t have any intention of lowering that price even if the income will be a huge group of disappointed gamers. A Microsoft’s creative director reported that people just need to deal with it. I think this is very serious for the gaming population, but we still must wait and see what will happen on May 21.

Another thing that it’s unclear, what “always-on internet connection” means? – Thurrott hasn’t commented on this and he said that he isn’t sure about this feature either. Thurrott has a great record for giving accurate information about future plans by Microsoft, by the way, so what seems to be the issue?

This is not the only console that Microsoft has in mind. Earlier we have received some information about new Xbox 360 update and that it will be selling for $99. And this maybe indicates that this new update will be unable to support and play 360 games. This came in just as a speculation and maybe this device will be placed among cheaper models to compete with its similar-price devices.

Microsoft hasn’t commented anything by now, with a simple explanation that they don’t have any intention to comment on rumors.

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