Full screen Browsing and iOS Wireless Comes to Chrome

Jasmina Lozevska April 11, 2013 0
Full screen Browsing and iOS Wireless Comes to Chrome

Finally a new update for Chrome on iOS. This browser now has Wireless printing and you can browse data in full screen. And they didn’t stop here. This update also provides this Google’s browser with save-as-PDF for the users of Google Drive. I think now it’s completed and I can use my favorite browser on my iOS platform.

Maybe this isn’t the end of iOS Chrome browser updates. Last week they have added an update which enables sharing and some history features to this very same Google Chrome browser. Two days ago, they have brought some features that are really worthwhile to their mobile browser. They have supported Google Cloud Print, full screen browsing and Air Print. The newest version 26 0 1410 50 will also you save the web page as a PDF file to your Drive account.

The Full screen browsing will work just like on Safari. When it comes to scrolling, when you scroll up, the address bar will disappear to give you much more view area. When you scroll down it will appear again. Maybe it looks simple but it’s effective. This is perfect for video and Web games.


You can access the printing option from the Chrome menu and it will give you an opportunity to choose between Air Print and Google Cloud Print. For example, if you want to print your data to the Drive you need to tap Google Cloud Print. Than a starting page will show, tap Printer Back arrow and finally tap “Save to Google Drive”.

The Chrome is using a WebKit browser engine which was required by Apple. They are not partners any more on the WebKit project from last week, because Google wants to create their own browser engine project which is called Blink.

These changes will not affect on Google Chrome for iOS. Further ahead, Google probably will add some other features on the browser engine’s top. It will include networking accelerators, account synch and tab management. Like the other updates, this one promises great future and stability. With this the security will be improved and the other bugs have been fixed. Everybody is saying that Chrome points out from the other browsers and its becoming a very mighty browser. Using it on a PC it’s so easy which makes you to want the mobile version even more. And if it has access to your passwords and synced bookmarks, well I don’t want to talk about it.

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