The Freshest and the Best Headphones of This 2013

Sara Cunningham April 11, 2013 0

In this world of innovative technology, not only smartphones and computers evolve in nature. Even with headphones, this is a necessary accessory for a portable gadget. There are many companies producing headphones with a good performance and a very high quality.

The headphones give the user the privacy to listen or talk to someone in any environment. It is also the best tool to use if you want to listen to music at the highest volume level without disturbing anyone around.

The Freshest and the Best Headphones of This 2013 2

If you’re planning on buying one for yourself, we have listed a few of the good headphones in the market to help you buy the best one that will satisfy your needs and investment.

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

This headphone set doesn’t need an amplifier since it already produces great sound once connected directly to music devices or phones. It stands to its promise to produce a phenomenal clear, crisp and very rich sound. Physically, it is supported by steel with the comfort of leather directly to the ears of the user.

Its brown leather ear pads are created by Pittards and are made from sheep raised from England. No wonder it looks so comfortable even by just looking at it. According to those who have tested the device, it’s really well-balanced with a normal bass boost. It has a price tag of $350 and is able to meet its consumer’s expectations.

Bowers & Wilkins Headphones – The P5

These headphones definitely exude a minimalist design with a very light and comfortable fit. Its ear pads are also proven and authentic to be made from sheep skin incorporated with soft memory foam. It’s the most convenient set of headphones ever made and sells at $300.

These are the first model of headphones that the company has ever released. The company proves that its project of releasing high-class headphones with good quality is a real deal and that no one is playing around. It also comes with two interchangeable cables; one has a microphone while the other doesn’t. These headphones are definitely worth it.

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Good news! Here’s a headphone available with a price tag ranging from $60 – $100. Yes, it’s way cheaper than other headphones around and it also gives an excellent quality of performance. It is designed to have deep and big ear cups to allow the user a wider range of movement. Not to mention, it has a bass huge enough to give emphasis to whatever the user is listening to.

It’s termed as the CAL headphones and manages to deliver detailed sounds. This is the best headphones for home and office use since there has been claims that it can’t totally eliminate foreign sound from the outer environment. There are unwanted bits of sound that intrudes the listening experience once used in the real world.


On a personal basis, the CAL headphones are the most convenient since it is sold at a very affordable price with the same basic quality of performance. But, if you’re someone who is a perfectionist when it comes to headphones, then the other options would be a great deal for you.

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