Apple iPhone 5S To Be Available in Various Screen Sizes

Jasmina Lozevska April 12, 2013 0

From previous rumors, we learned that Apple will introduce a new low-cost iPhone, an iPhone 5S and an iPhone math, which will have bigger screen from the existing one. This new report says that the next generation iPhone 5S will come in various screen sizes. Maybe Apple has said: why don’t we try and make the iPhone three-in-one. This came from an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets.

According to the previous mentioned analyst Brian White, iPhone 5S will have two or three different sizes of the screen when it will be launched in July. This report came after a meeting with a chain company for supplying technology. He said that one size per iPhone device release is not working for everyone, and because of that Apple for the first time will offer to the users something different. They will have an option to pick what kind of tech that will meet their criteria. And by this Apple will have great chance to expand its market share. He didn’t mentioned what will be the specific sizes, though. But if we see that iPhone 5 screen had a boost from 3.5-inch display to 4-inch, if this rumor is true, then we can expect maybe some 4.5-inch to 4.8-inch display.


This isn’t the first time White has made a prediction. Earlier in January, he said the next generation iPhone will come in different colors and different screen sizes, as well.

If we assume that Apple will make three different devices with different screen, one model will definitely offer bigger sized iPhone screen than its 4-inched iPhone 5. This will be a great thing for those who want to gravitate from Android large-screen smartphones. The second model will likely stay the same for those who don’t want anything to change on their device. And the third model could be a return to the previous smaller than 4-inch screen, and maybe it will be offered by lower price.

According to White, it doesn’t matter how many different screened iPhone devices will be offered there is no doubt that this smartphone will be unveiled in July. This saying corresponds to the others analyst who already said iPhone 5S will be released this summer. Only Gene Munster, who is an analyst from Piper Jaffray, believes that this new iPhone 5S will be unveiled in early June and will be available on the market somewhere in July.

He also added some thoughts about the price for the iPhone mini. He acknowledged that those who are expecting a $200 or $150 iPhone price will be definitely disappointed. According to their research they don’t expect the price to be below $300, because when they discussed it, they came to a conclusion that this price makes more sense. Beside this, the price is for unlocked version which targets for developing markets like China or India.

Low cost iPhone and different sized colorful iPhone 5S sound too much atypical, even for a company like Apple, because from previous experience they are moving slowly and surely without any bigger changes. With other words – they tend to stick to their tradition. But with recent pressure from the competition – they are clearly pushed towards making an effort to create more innovational features. They need to offer more choices for the users to make, which makes this report even more believable.

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