App Like no Other to be Unveiled by Apple this Summer

Alex Bezeau April 12, 2013 0
App Like no Other to be Unveiled by Apple this Summer


Wherever I turn around, I hear: have you heard that Apple is doing this, Apple is doing that. I’ve heard so many things it makes me hard to believe that they are going to launch all the things that every rumor includes. But, here we are once again with a report that it is going to launch new “killer” application this summer. According to the source it might be a mobile wallet.

This new update or should I say, the new application will eventually come with the new iOS, which is expected to be previewed at the earlier scheduled Conference for Worldwide developers in June. This mobile wallet is predicted by Katy Huberty, based on a recent saying from her fellow analyst from Apple Gene Munster who also acknowledged that the new iOS will include digital wallet for sure.

Last year the Cupertino company has tried to bring something similar to digital wallet with the introducing of Passbook. This application is not acting like a true digital wallet just because it’s not letting you pay for different items directly through your smartphone. Instead, Passbook enables you to store some digital coupons and then sync them with your membership card at several retailers in order to pay for your items. Adding this mobile wallet application to the iOS operating system will maybe require NFC support. It will be easy if this application is added on Android, Windows phone 8 or BlackBerry 10 because these already platforms has this NFC support. Apple has resisted for jumping on that train.


This analyst believes that this company will be unique in the NFC technology for using this digital wallet. And their system will still be able to work with some exciting payment solutions from your smartphone. He didn’t stop here, Munster believes that the company will likely launch its next generation iPhone 5S and the already rumored iPhone mini or the low cost iPhone to be exact, somewhere in September. He “teased” the iPads too, saying that Apple will launch a brand new 9.7-inch iPad and the next generation iPad mini somewhere at the end of September this year. When he was asked about the unveiling of the iWatch and the Smart TV, he answered that he sees the launch to happen somewhere next year because Apple is too busy with their already rumored devices.

From previous experience, the rumors about Apple have become nearly true, but they always had something that simply amazed and surprised us. We are focusing on the first scheduled device and that is the next generation iPhone 5S. After that, we will see what happens.


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