Survey Reports Blackberry Smartphones are “Least Desired”

Jasmina Lozevska April 13, 2013 0
Survey Reports Blackberry Smartphones are “Least Desired”

Blackberry smartphones do not have a great rating among customers. Maybe this was expected thing to happen and people from Blackberry would be so disappointed after this. They have tried so hard to make their latest devices so much better, as it seems they didn’t try hard enough. Raymond James made a survey and asked all the consumers which phone they would never buy. BlackBerry was the name that came out from the majority of the users.

Everyone out there that is using a smartphone or some other phone device has a slight aversion to a certain brand. In a great way of psychological twist, Raymond James has decided to make a survey to ask the consumers which is the least desired mobile phone, for them, ever designed.

For this survey, around 250 people were asked and these were the results: 71.4% of the users said they will never, not in a million years buy a BlackBerry phone. 31.3% of those who were asked said they will never buy an Android based phone and just 19.7% said they would never purchase an iPhone.


Let’s say that this indicates a somewhat wrong impression of the situation. As we can see, the iPhone has the last position or we should say that more people want to buy it because it is really physically attractive. It looks like you want to take it through the rest of your life. For the second placed Android based phones, might be something around that is fair as big massed man. And those with big hands definitely like the big Android phones. We came to the leaders of this throne, BlackBerry. The result might be reflected by one thing, it’s not that the users don’t like this phone and the features, but it’s the thing that this brand is already forgotten.

Despite the things that have been said from BlackBerry about their new ground breaking Z10 device and their confidence about returning to the top, it was actually swamped by the competitors. All the new and innovational devices which were introduced by the other companies have turned the attention away from BlackBerry. Without applications and some “happening” spirit BlackBerry will have very tough road to walk toward the top.

Somehow, I still believe BlackBerry will make the proper return in the future. Maybe not right away, but they are trying to make some indications to change the future of the company. I simply love comebacks, and you’ll never know what you can expect from a tech company. You are on the top now, and by overnight you can find yourself at the bottom trying to reach some respectful place at the market.

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