iPad 5 to Boast Thinner Backlights

Sara Cunningham April 13, 2013 0
iPad 5 to Boast Thinner Backlights

As time passes and rumors float around, we are getting more and more impatient about the new iPad 5. We heard and read a lot of them saying several things, and now with this new report, the next generation iPad from Apple will feature thinner backlights which will make him smaller and lighter. With this we can confirm that Apple with the new iPad 5 design is heading toward the iPad mini.

This report was made by NPD Display Search and they have said iPad 5 will be launched with less grams and millimeters with completely redesigned LED backlight. This was confirmed by an e-mail which was sent from Paul Semenza, an analyst in the already mentioned research firm. He said that with reducing weight and size automatically the LED backlight will be redesigned and it will make the display more efficient. He mentioned something about reducing thickness also, saying that he believed iPad 5 will have film-based sensor and that will be the most important change in this new device.

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After this, Semenza noted that it’s still unclear if Apple will choose to make some big changes to the display tech. It remains mystery if the company is going to switch to IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide). This display technology has been brought by Sharp and firstly we expected this tech to be included in the third generation iPad with Retina display. But, like you already know this wasn’t the case and iPad 3 didn’t feature IGZO. This technology from Sharp is basically used for making smaller devices which are sold on the Japanese market.

The latest tablets from Apple, iPad 3 and iPad 4 with Retina display, came out with gained thickness and weight. This was a little bit odd because they were new devices and from previous experience the new technology always comes thicker and lighter. But it’s not a big deal because both of them gained full Retina display which is the best and the sharpest display technology out there. Answering the question when it will be unveiled, Semenza said that he is not sure about the strict date but most likely it will came out somewhere in October.

If putting IGZO display technology will make the iPad 5 lighter and thinner, Apple will definitely gain even more market share than now. Maybe it’s not a big thing but, they need to keep up with the future technology and make them even handier. And if this means changing the design, that is a risk they have to take, because at the end of the day the consumer’s opinion is all that matters.

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