T-Mobile iPhone Not Off to Such a Hot Start

Sara Cunningham April 14, 2013 0
T-Mobile iPhone Not Off to Such a Hot Start

Remember when T-Mobile said that they will offer their own LTE 4G iPhone? – Well they’ve keep their promise and it’s finally out there supported by the 4th carrier in the US. And this is it, finally some bright spot into the T-Mobile era, a reason to celebrate.

Yesterday lots of people stood there waiting the doors to open so they can take the newest iPhone in their hands supported by this carrier and their new network plans. Let’s say this carrier is really excited about the iPhone and they are trying to make it profitable and affordable for everyone. This isn’t just another device which has gone through T-Mobile. This is a new way of getaway thinking when it comes to device costs and service plans. The iPhone debut in T-Mobile builds upon their new “Uncarrier” initiative and involves some abolishing service contracts and normally subsides.

There are some changes when it comes to T-Mobile. The executives have said that this change for paying the full price in order to have the smartphone, will take some time for the users to get used to it and accept it. They have positive mindset about the launching of their iPhone 5 and about the affordable prices. They are saying that it’s enough to draw the people minds into the stores and start selling the great deals.


We will have the full coverage of iPhone sales on May 8, and until then:

An obeyed affair

The launch definitely has lacked some of the usual fanfare. There were two or three reporters who were talking to the people who have waited there. The employees had the slightest chance to get the proper mood for launching this new device because they were very jovial and welcoming. Than the doors opened and Petrone has announced that there are 5 iPhone devices in stock but he started laughing afterwards and assured them that there are plenty of the devices to be taken.

Maybe this one is expected because it’s not a new device after all but, for those who have waited so long for their carrier to launch this device, it’s kind of just as important like it is the launch of a brand new device. And simply it can’t go without any hiccups when it comes to T-Mobile. Apparently the system went down for couple of minutes because some of the consumers have waited a little bit longer than the others and if you passed by the store you could have notice the people waiving with their white tickets which were indicators for an iPhone order.

Looking into the Future

T-Mobile has high hopes that the iPhone 5 will be just a start for the big turnaround for this carrier. As you already know it’s far behind its competitors and the next big step for the company is a merger with the smaller carrier MetroPCS. This is a great deal for them but something is keeping this deal from happening. Two firms which are the some of the shareholders of MetroPCS are holding of the deal and saying that they need to wait for a bigger offer from T-Mobile. Recently, John Leggere has rushed them with saying that they are looking to close the deal in near future and has called them “greedy hedge funds”. It’s not a nice thing to say but maybe it’s the only way.

In this context, Deutsche Telekom yesterday made their final and best offer for purchasing MetroPCS and now the largest shareholder Paulson & Co has backed the deal. We are following the latest sayings about this deal and as soon as this deal goes off we will report it right away.

It’s not a great start for this carrier, but it’s definitely something that they should build their future on.

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