5 Killer Apps for Android

Alex Bezeau February 13, 2013 0


Android has a track record of being a very well liked and loved operating system. Great service, great phones, and, maybe the most important, great apps. While the system itself is great, the apps Android provides gives us access to a lot of things not previously provided by the Google operating system. The only real problem with all the apps, however, is the complete abundance of them. Finding a good app is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. To save most of you the trouble of having to filter page after page searching for real gems in the app store, I have compiled a list of 5 of the best apps you can get. Let us start, shall we?


This app lets you take your pictures and really make the special. Instagram is basically a photo sharing app with a nice twist of a basic photo editor thrown in. In other words you can customize your photos on the Android OS device and really make them cool. Then you can ship them off to your friends and watch as they light up with what great things you pulled off with photo magic. If they really do like it they can leave comments and actual “likes” for the photo, much like Facebook.  Best part it isn’t limited to just your friends. Every time you open the app up the user is treated to a collage of photos taken from the pages and stores of your friends and random people from around the world. Photo sharing just got a whole lot more interesting.


This app is probably one of the better apps made with the Android. With Evernote, your device become the access key to an massive online storage space! Yes, I can see how impressed you are. In all seriousness though this app is virtually limitless in it’s possible applications. Since you are allotted your own personal server to store all of your data, it doesn’t take up any room on your device. Best part is that Evernote isn’t limited to only your Android device. You can access the stored data at any computer if your device is dead or destroyed. So you can act on your ideas at any time!



Take what is great about online banking, now take it with your Android device! This simple yet effective app helps you keep control of your money by giving you access to your bank account and all information related from any Android OS. Great for keeping track of your funds when out and about, and could easily save you a trip back home or to the bank if you need to have funds transferred to a checking account on the spot. Mint is too useful to pass up!


This app is nothing more than probably one of the best known security apps you can find for an Android device. Avast! routinely scans for viruses and other malware you could have picked up from a number of sources and can keep it from escalating and compromising your device. “Wait a second, handheld devices don’t have to worry about viruses and malware because it doesn’t have windows installed!” While true, it doesn’t mean that Android OS devices are immune to all malware, and it will be even more devastating when your handheld gets infected with the really bad stuff. Avast! can stop and prevent further attacks. It’s also completely free, so there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t have your device protected. Safety first!


This app is a gamer’s app. Onlive can be used to access a gigantic database of games on demand for your Android hardware. Best part, we are not talking about those piddly distractions that pass for games in the app store. We’re talking about those heavy duty AAA titles that you find behind glass casing with theft protection in the any sane retail store. You can play them on a tablet and other devices on the go, when you want. In short, absolutely awesome.


There are just so many decent to good apps out there for the Android OS that it is actually kind of necessary to compile a list like this one. Rest assured though that we are not leading you astray. These apps are definitely the best out there you can find. Heck, I’m pretty sure this listing will remain relevant well into the future. Sadly I have to be going now, I just remembered that I needed to make that last car payment. Guess I’ll do it with Mint. From an airplane. yeah, it’s awesome.

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