The Panasonic TC-PST60 TV Models: Incredible Performance and Quality

Heidi Speare April 15, 2013 0


The main reason why you would love this Panasonic TC-PST60 TV is because it is simply an amazing plasma. This Panasonic brings you a very good picture quality and this company is the only out there which makes TV affordable these days. We can expect more TVs to have even better picture quality than this one but they will be far more expensive. Let’s cut to the chase and begin with our story.


Glass and metal design. This perfect combination makes the TV an awesome-looking device. The frame has glossy black color and it is about the same width as the model from last year. The panel depth is thinner for two inches and these measurements makes the TV approach the look of several modern LCD TV sets. It includes nonilluminated remote control that features clear button differentiation. This TV has 2 menu systems which are separated. The first is for Smart TV and the second may be entered by the “menu” key on the remote. The settings menus are way more improved than the last model and now it has easier navigation and greater design.


One word is separating this TV from the previous one: 3D. Into the package for this device you get 2 pair of glasses model TY ER3D5MA. The TV is complied with full 3D HD standards and it will work with some third-party glasses. One additional thing for all the upcoming plasmas or all the 2013 plasmas which are produced it is the touch pen accessory which allows users to draw on the screen. It’s not that useful but it is interesting if you want to show something or great for some kind of a presentation.

  • Smart TV Feature

The new interface that Panasonic included in this TV is mostly good. You can put any application everywhere you want on the grid. It offers three templates which are different and they are for creating new pages, background customization and naming pages. The navigation is a little bit snappy on the pages but it’s good that all of the applications are still available. You can access the installed applications by hitting the “apps” key and for accessing the applications which are not installed through the market Viera Connect. For installing them you’ll need to create an account. There is a Web browser included and it’s not that good because it’s relatively slow and completely different than a laptop or smartphone browser.

  • Picture settings

It has some advanced controls for the picture which include 10-point gamma and grayscale system and color management. On this TV you can find additional picture mode called Home Theater besides the standard 4 modes. Three levels of effect for soap opera with seven aspect ratio settings.

  • Connectivity

It has 3 HDMI ports, a pair of USB ports and SD card slot which is also a nice addition.

  • Picture quality

One of the best features included which is outstanding and breathtaking even for a plasma TV is the picture quality. It has inky, superb, deep black levels and shadow details like you have never seen before. Accurate color and video processing it’s just the strawberry on the cake. It has a bright picture with antireflective filter and with this, it clearly surpasses the S60 series TV.

  • 3D

I’m not so delighted by this feature but it’s something new on these kinds of TVs and I will give them the room for improvements. In the Cinema mode, the color and some shadow details looked fine but it’s not showing something that it will amaze me and make me say they did a great job. The thing is, when watching in 3D this TV shows several amounts of crosstalk. This appears like a double-image on many objects which are shown on it. The glasses are fine but they can do so much better. They are not blocking the light from the side and you can’t wear them over other prescription glasses.


Some key TV features

  • Display Tech – Plasma
  • Smart TV – Yes
  • Screen Finish – Glossy
  • 3D – Yes
  • Refresh rate – 48, 60, 96 Hz
  • Remote – standard
  • Internet connection – Wi-Fi
  • Smooth processing – Yes
  • Touch Pen – included (optional)
  • Camera – Skype camera

At the end there are only the pros and cons remaining to be said.

  • Pros: Affordable price, amazing picture quality, deep black levels, amazing shadow details, accurate colors, great off-angle characteristics, great design, 2 pair 3D glasses included, great content of the Smart TV feature.
  • Cons: 3D crosstalk, not good for bright rooms

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