The Innovation of Smartphones: Where is the New Generation of Smartphones Going

Jasmina Lozevska April 15, 2013 0

We’ve seen all the great inventions so far and sometimes you just can’t help it, but ask yourself the question: Where is the new generation of smartphones going and what will the future brought? When you think of it like that, HTC One features wonderful chassis and several tricks with the camera. The newest Samsung Galaxy S4 brought pause and unpause features when you look away from the screen. Nokia Lumia 920 was the first device that included wireless charging.

The big companies will always improve their devices with better, clearer and sharper camera, faster processors, longer battery life, sharper and stronger screens and similar innovations. We have made a list from our point of view on what will the future bring and what are the main things that the smartphones will be focusing on.

Sensitive sensors: I’ve never thought of it becoming a ‘big deal’. These features seem to be a little bit underestimated and in near future will start to get more and more information about your environment and habits and make your life easier. Just imagine if your smartphone can monitor the climate changes globally through its sensor. This was firstly proposed by David Harris, a social agent at institute in Palo Alto. Some other strategist named Dave Blakely has another interesting idea about built-in sensor for tracking your pulse which will turn your smartphone into a medical device.

Devices which will make your life easier: You can call them whatever you like but this highly specialized software that would satisfy every possible need out there is something that every person would like. With the help of dozens of applications your smartphone will even tend to make you a better person or just make you feel superior at what you are doing.


Gestures and Voice: When the touchscreen display feature came into this world it was the best thing ever developed. And in future, we can say goodbye to it and welcome the indirect input or controlling your phone without even touching it. If you are questioning how that is even possible, I will tell you that they need only three things: gestures for swiping, voice for launching and sensors for reading all that.

Voice and gestures will be the future trend which will be included in all smartphones. With the newest Galaxy S4 smartphone and the Voice Drive app you can drive your car and speak the instructions rather than type them. Just imagine yourself playing a game without touching your smartphone, simple playing it with your eyes. Cool huh? – Yes, I thought so.

While I’m typing this, someone maybe is just speaking and automatically types it on his device. Some of the companies are working hard for bringing sensors which can trace your complete body movements. So this can be added to your smartphone at any time making your mobile device even greater than it already is.


Larger communicational ecosystem: In future, smartphones will include more communicational tools and components so it can have more interaction with other devices and people. We can see now communications through Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth protocols and as the time passes there will be more and more.

These kinds of smartphone devices will likely use sensors for recognizing all the other devices or objects around them. Mark Rolston has an interesting theory about this. He says he imagines smartphones acting as social tools in real world. Just imagine you are in a bar and you want to meet a girl. You point the smartphone toward the person and information about her shows up on your screen. When you approach to say “hey” you already have information about who she is, what she does and some other stuff that might be of your interest. Too good to be true? Only time will tell if this will become a reality.

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