Boot to Desktop Windows 8 Rumors Swirl

Jasmina Lozevska April 16, 2013 0
Boot to Desktop Windows 8 Rumors Swirl

When I first heard that Windows 8 will be out, I thought: I’m purchasing for my PC right away. Then it hit me – this Windows 8 is made best for tablets and touch-screen laptops. So I was kinda disappointed but I’m currently fine with my Win 7. Right when I gave up the hope for this OS coming to my PC, one rumor which started floating this week lead us to start believing again that Microsoft started working Windows 8.1 upgrade which will allow direct boot to our desktop computers.

The rumors has been started by a Russian source and brought through WinBeta. According to them, Microsoft is working in jumping into the desktop industry with their newest update which was named Windows Blue. The source has found a source code which was placed inside important OS files. This Windows 8 has been criticized several times for using the Start Screen instead the well known Start Menu. As we can see from the code it disables the Start Screen and automatically sends you to the Desktop. This was discovered from going through the code in “twinui.dll” and in some line it was noticed the disabling of this Start Screen feature. For those who are using this Win 8 operating system or some leaked version of the new 8.1 build, you must know that this option is not yet made available.


IDC, which is a market researching company has been constructing a case against this Windows 8. They were making it over the past month and it can be really confusing to some of the average users who are still not used to “touch” interface of the Windows. This is frustrating to those who are more like ‘seasoned’ users who have spent their time into Win 7 desktop OS. They have added that this is the main reason why Windows 8 isn’t selling as well as expected and they didn’t predict great future of it either.

We will know what will be the plans later on in June when a build conference is scheduled by Microsoft. They will maybe announce this new update and will impress us with something big and better. However, after a while Microsoft again is trying hard to make us all satisfied. After all, Windows has been number one desktop OS since ever and they will stay on that place in future, I believe.

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