Will Microsoft Be Selling a Smartwatch Soon?

Jasmina Lozevska April 16, 2013 0
Will Microsoft Be Selling a Smartwatch Soon?

Right after the announcement that Apple and Google are already working on this new smartwatch technology, Microsoft is joining this party with their own product device. A report states that this giant in the world of technology has requested some components which indicate a potential watch device. This report came from the Asian suppliers.

Microsoft has asked the Asia suppliers to ship all the important components for touch enabled smartwatch device. One of the executives has been saying that he had a meeting with the development and research team from Microsoft and it’s still unclear if this giant company will start to produce this kind of device.

Microsoft have tried to involve themselves in this industry once before. But after spending tons of money and effort in partnering with some watchmaker firms like Suunto, Fossil and even Swatch, they have pulled the strings out of this project in 2008. They wanted to make a smartwatch product which will cost nearly $800, but in that time the mindset of the people was heading towards something else.


If Microsoft decides to try the smartwatch market with launching their own wrist-worn tech device, they will join the other giant tech companies. Earlier, New York Times has reported that Apple will launch their project somewhere this year and this device will run on iOS. Right after this report, Bloomberg has came out with their own side view telling that Apple has hired 100 experts for making this smartwatch which will be called “iWatch”. If you think that these reports are just rumors, Bill Campbell who is a board member in Apple gave certain weight to these rumors describing the value of their “intimate” tech devices.

Samsung didn’t give Apple any room to breathe, and according to the CEO of this company they have been preparing a wearable tech device for a very long time. In meantime, Google has filed a patent application which shows some kind of a smartwatch that flips up from the smartwatch base and it serves like secondary display.

It doesn’t matter what these companies will decide eventually, there is no doubt that they will start a new era in the technology world. With their wrist-wearable devices, the smartwatches that are already available will fall behind them immediately. They will make something that will attract the consumer’s thoughts and give them thousands of reasons for spending money. Fitness bands, Smartwatches and hybrid devices were talked up in this year’s annual CES. Some smartwatches presented on this show already made their debut like the Pebble wristwatch and the James Bond 007 Martian Passport Watch.

My personal opinion is that Apple will be the first of them to make this big step for this industry and show the world what a smartwatch can do and how it will make your life easier.

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