Facebook Home App Review: Is It All That

Sara Cunningham April 16, 2013 0
Facebook Home App Review: Is It All That

The Facebook Home application is a new feature of a mobile phone that has negative comments and feedbacks from different people all over the world. Users complain about how the Facebook owners have placed on their phones. This application is downloadable on selected Android devices only. Out of 5 star rating, the overall rates of reviewers have reached only 2.4 stars, approximately half of the users rated 1 star. Some people may see this feature meaty and filled with Facebook aura. It replaces the lock screens into the social network environment. Many 1-star reviewers shouted out their dislike on the way the application replaces a lock screen of Facebook with a stable exhibition of personal information. Others were extra critical with regards to the way Facebook Home access to some Android features.

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The Best About Facebook Home App


  • Smooth performance – This is one of the best features. There is no better than having a smooth performance as you go along with your Facebook journey.
  • Excellent chat heads functions – The things that pop up when a message is received are called chat heads. They are like messengers and are allowed to move screens. You can either throw or pile messages.
  • Active Notifications- You can get notifications about events, Facebook update and calls everywhere you go.

The Drawbacks of Facebook Home App


  • Not Convenient – What is hard on this feature is the fact that users need to scroll all over until finding the interested content.
  • Lack Support – Mark Zuckerberg mentioned wanting availability and accessibility of Facebook in any phones, but it turned out that the application only supports HTC One, One X +, One X,  Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2.
  • Trouble with camera – One of the most exciting parts about Facebook is the pictures. Therefore, the picture is what we really need. The camera button of this application is actually in trouble. It does not have a camera on the screen. You need to swipe upwards, click the application, swipe to the right, scroll, find the camera and move shortcuts. This is not only a hassle but also incredibly annoying.
  • Neither device allows people to send SMS from Messenger app. This means an oversight granted that you don’t enjoy the complete Home experience.


Facebook Home is a great feature for those who spend most of the time on Facebook and those active users due to business and marketing. It opens the world of socializing and keeping in touch. It is indeed a way of reaching out to Facebook easily and conveniently. But there are some things to be considered and there are other factors that need to work on. People hoped to get more updates and obtain support so that many people can enjoy the offer. Facebook home also needs to improve the camera button. If you are an avid fan of Facebook, then this application may be the right one for you. Just don’t expect too much because there are few things to work on.


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