HTC Facebook to Be Flagship Phone of the Year

Sara Cunningham April 16, 2013 0
HTC Facebook to Be Flagship Phone of the Year

After a long period of supposition, finally we know what a Facebook phone is all about. As a matter of fact, it is not really dedicated solely to Facebook, but a customized Android that has a special home screen of Facebook. The HTC First comes with a Facebook home package. It is the first phone that fills the home screen with status updates, friends’ photos and other information that directs from your Facebook account. Hearing this company has always been better. They have great image and designs ahead. Many people had personally considered them as one of the best smart phones ever created.

HTC Facebook to Be Flagship Phone of the Year 2

The Basics of HTC First Phone:

HTC First is a 4.3-inch gadget on AT&T, practical mid-range specifications and an attractive display. The HTC first device had an intimate Facebook moment. This is helpful for people who need plenty of the Facebook experience to keep up their marketing ads and personal business.

Excellent Camera- HTC is a speedy start-up that has rapid-fire continuous shooting. It has a 1080HD imaging and video, and a camera of 8MP. A front-facing camera of 1.6MP resides above screen, and hangs out beneath the panel. The sensors are varied and the light is LED. The speakers are a narrow tiny grille, which sits between the top-part of the phone. You will see 3 keys at the opposite end: home, menu and back.

Minimalist Design – The designs are minimalist and the camera captures all special moments.  You also have access to chats no matter what application you are running on your phone. Technical-wise, the HTC First phone is fancy and sporty.


Home Lock Screen of Facebook – This would be the first one to notice. It is actually a user-friendly concept. The screen is conquered by Facebook updates from your friends. By scrolling right or left, status updates are viewed. On the lock screen are various comments and status updates. This is best for active users since it need not to unlock Facebook just to interact people. The forefront is the profile picture of people’s current statuses and their updates. The cover photo will be your background. Tapping the lock screen would mean popping up your avatar with 3 incredible options.

Facebook Chat Heads and Messenger– The Facebook chats heads and messenger have the same application. You catch your usual conversations if you just open them. On the other hand, Chat heads, is the most interesting aspect. When being utilized, you will have the access to chat anytime, anywhere. One of the best things about this is the avatar is in forefront like a regular application so you are able to access it anytime you want.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the HTC first is tougher to judge. If Facebook is your life due to personal or business reasons, then you will probably love Facebook home. If you are more concerned with functionality and customization and opens Facebook very often, then you won’t appreciate this creation. For Facebook devotees, it is now faster and easier to maintain connections with family and friends.

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