Windows 8 Epic Fail Results in Major Decline of PC Sales

Sara Cunningham April 16, 2013 0

When people hear about the release of Windows 8, they immediately think of it as a major one.  Certainly, what is more interesting about Windows 8 is its major release. This is the largest OS from the biggest high-tech company, Microsoft. Basically, it rebranded with basic tile interface for the console Xbox 360 and Zune player. At the present times, the tile interference can be found anywhere from mobile phones, surface tablets and latest desktops and laptops. While Windows 8 is known as the biggest break, it’s not actually a complete break after all. The desktop is a legacy design and for most people it represents as the biggest missed opportunity for Windows 8. When we talk about the old traditional desktop, we know it exists for one reason: Microsoft office. Imagine how life evolves when a big company does not acknowledge its purpose.

Windows 8 Epic Fail Results in Major Decline of PC Sales 2

The Drawbacks of Windows 8

  • The first drawback with Windows 8 is the highly ineffective user touch-based interface for PC users using non-touch notebooks and desktops. Personally, the idea of touch screen is actually good but forcing folks to sit down and operate something they are not into is disappointing.
  • The second problem is the tiles that appear on the desktop. Tiles are just too many, and do not even make sense at all. If you use Skype and click the icon, it will take you to Windows store that doesn’t make sense. Upon downloading the application, it appeared a different location too far from what is expected.
  • The third drawback is the confusing admin duties. First of all, you should permit admin tools. Microsoft should’ve kept icons on desktops, since they are buried off the screen.

Others Problems Related to Its Usage

  • Users are required more time to familiarize its features.
  • Upon running the web browsers, users will see only a compartment of web pages.
  • Switching environments amplify the cost of interaction using several features.
  • The 2 environments work in a different way, making a totally incompatible user experience.

The Question Remains: What Should Be Done?

Microsoft Company should have resolved these interfaces. The tiles appeared in Windows 8 works better in tablets, but not for desktop or laptop. They should add basic interface elements such as UI buttons to restart or close an application. It should also make the users at ease by creating basic functions.

Most users’ point of views regarding Windows 8 is to disregard the use of touch screen and focus more with the traditional mouse and keyboard. If the Microsoft Company acknowledges the importance of Microsoft office to desktops and laptops, then they should retain the traditional one. Coming up a newer concept is not a failure, the failure begun when they applied it in a wrong way. This review is not to discourage people and does not encourage people to avoid buying one. The point is to understand how Microsoft 8 works to avoid any trouble.

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