Netflix to Phase out Silverlight Streaming and Replace with HTML5

Jasmina Lozevska April 17, 2013 0
Netflix to Phase out Silverlight Streaming and Replace with HTML5

According to some close sources to Netflix, they are looking forward for doing some changes in their service. They are thinking of dumping the Silverlight streaming in order to bring different streaming service or to be exact HTML5. This is expected to happen right after the three WC3 initiatives are pronounced complete.

This is planned due to some eroding support for all the browser plug-ins and that’s why Netflix is taking one step further from Silverlight and transferring to the HTML5 video format feature. This service for streaming movies was using this Microsoft made plug-in to make the content available for streaming to Mac OS X computers and Windows since 2008. This collaboration was really great until Microsoft has announced that they are stopping their support of the plug-in for the browser versions by somewhere near 2021. This came in last month and it was more than clear that Netflix will focus their thoughts on finding the proper replacement.

This is not a hard thing to do because Netflix over the last quarter has streamed over 4 billion hours and they will not let this bug them off. Maybe the solution has been already found because Google is trying their best efforts for making Netflix available to their Arm-based Chromebook for Samsung. This service for streaming movies has been working and searching on solutions for longer-terms.


The engineering director of Netflix, Anthony Park and Mark Watson who is Netflix’s streaming standards director, has announced that they have been reiterated the disadvantages and the efforts of the plug-ins for moving beyond them altogether.

They wrote on their company’s blog that they are interested in solving this problems as soon as possible and as they are moving to their next gen of video streaming on the Web. They have added that the last year had certain collaboration with some other leaders in this industry and working on three W3C initiatives. As it seems these initiatives are perfectly placed for solving this recent problem of streaming video content right into the browser without any additional need of plug-ins like Silverlight used.

Before something like this happens, Netflix must have wider adoption of “HTML5 PVE” (PVE stands for Premium Video Extension) which includes encryption of DRM. It also has a stream feature enabled via JavaScript and some cryptography extension which enables the possibility for encrypting and decrypting the communication between the Netflix servers and of course JavaScript. Why this information is so important? – These two extensions are already included into the Chromebook and they have been written this in their blog post. When this cryptography extension will be made directly available into Chrome, Netflix can begin all the testing of the HTML5 player in OS X and Windows OS.

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