IPhone 5S Rumored to Boast 12 Megapixel Camera

Jasmina Lozevska April 17, 2013 1

As we are closing on the period for launching of the next generation iPhone device, the rumors are getting stronger and stronger. This new rumor that has affected Apple’s iPhone 5S said this new device camera feature will have extra 4-megapixels addition.

Beside every other rumor that concerned this new device and the one that said Apple’s developers are kicking their highest gear for producing this next gen iPhone, a site from Vietnam Tinhte has joined the discussion. According to them, Apple is strengthening their camera feature and they are making it with 12 megapixels.

Making a device with a new, improved camera wouldn’t be something unusual that will be coming from Apple. They have done this with all their previous releases. But jumping to 12 megapixels camera is something big and many of us are expecting it eagerly.

We all know that now Apple is kind of under pressure for making improvements to their camera because this feature has become a main point for comparison, as the market for the smartphones matures. Their competitors like Nokia has begun running a full ad campaign about the camera quality comparison on shooting capability in low light environment. Apple has been focusing on this area with its three previous models.


The latest phone from HTC called One, has the same trend with 4-mpix sensor. On first sight this is completely strange because all other smartphone manufacturers have forced 8-mpix to 13-mpix camera feature. In their defense they have announced that their camera can produce better quality pictures in low-light environment.

This isn’t the first rumor which said Apple has been focusing into bringing the camera of the next iPhone device into the double-digit megapixel sensor land. Last month DigiTimes has suggested that the next camera modules of the iPhone will be higher. Report from iLounge which was released in January had more specific information about this and suggested that Apple will include Sony’s sensor with 13-mpix.

Before you get all judgmental over this source from Vietnam, Tinhte, it is the same source which got the hold of iPhone 4 before it was officially announced. They have predicted the iPhone model with 64GB six months before Apple has debuted with their iPhone 4S device. They had the EarPods headphones several weeks before they were unveiled and they were among the first owners of iPad third-generation few days before officially went on sale.

There are more rumors that maybe will catch your eye for the next iPhone. There are tons of rumors that it will be multicolored, it will include faster processor, fingerprint security scanner placed under the home button and wireless charging.

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