Explorer Edition Google Glass Begins Shipments

Jasmina Lozevska April 17, 2013 0

Right after the official presentation of Google Glass which happened this year, this wearable product became really attractive to all of us who are addicted to newest technology. We’ve heard lots of rumors saying this product will be banned while driving because it is causing lot of distraction. Later on this banning was denied and it was announced that it will not happen this year.

Last week Google has made a promise that prototypes of this wearable device “Explorer edition Google Glass” will be already into the hands of the developers within a month. Well, they were wrong about one thing, this one month waiting transformed into few days. Brian Klug from Anandtech has posted some picture of an e-mail on his Twitter account. This Web giant has sent e-mails to everyone who has been found on the list of Glass Explorers to announce that some of the $1 500 devices are out from production and are ready for shipments.

In the e-mail from the Google Glass team has been written that they have been working on the Glass Explorer Edition so hard and they have some great news. The software and hardware are ready and waiting for you. They have added they are already looking on the first few devices coming of the production at that time. They have a strange method for shipping, though. This device will be shipped in batches. In the mail, they have announced that are producing enough devices for everyone, but now they have made only a portion and therefore they will notice the rest of the Glass explorers in waves.

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Google Glass has been the company’s biggest concern over the past time. There is no doubt that this will be a huge deal for the market. This product comes in the form of eyeglasses that have the ability of a chat, getting directions, taking photos, looking up information on the web, record videos and many more.

According to some sources this wearable tech device will be available for the public somewhere this year. This exceeds their previous plans for official 2014 consumer release. It is also confirmed that this device will have a Bluetooth connection for pairing with iPhone devices and Android phones. Google Glass will have the ability for pulling data directly from Wi-Fi or it can be using the 4G and 3G feed from the previously connected phone device. It lacks its own cellular radio feature.

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