A Review of Facebook Chat Head on iPhone Apps

Sara Cunningham April 17, 2013 1

The undisputed number one social site in the world, Facebook, has recently launched its updated iPad and iPhone chat head application, which can keep users connected with their loved ones even when they’re pretty occupied with other activities. They can read updates from their friends if they would download this app on their Apple android.

Wondering Why It Is Called a Chat Head?

The app is called a chat head since a friend’s profile picture pops up every time he sends a message. So, if there were several friends sending a message, users will see their images popping up on the screen.

A Review of Facebook Chat Heads on iPhone Apps 2

The said app is a wide-scale integration that the site is working on with the Home application on some Smartphones using the Google Android operating system. However, users should know that they need to stay logged in to Facebook if they want to keep using the chat head simultaneously. Facebook officials have noted that they will launch this app soon on the App Store of Apple. Those who are waiting can expect the app to come in the next few weeks.

Facebook Chat Head Feature on Apple’s Android: What Benefits to Get

Facebook Home, one of the android launchers of Facebook, says that this chat head feature can allow users to get either Facebook ‘chat’ messages or SMS on their phone. This way, users can manifest themselves even only on one interface.

What’s the Point of Launching It?

To give a clearer perspective on the matter, this android launcher is said to help users lessen their need to keep on flitting in between their SMS application and Facebook messenger, something that is said to be really annoying some users of today.  However, not all users should be happy to hear this news yet; the app would be unavailable for some phones.  The Home might be an edge for Facebook since they can easily integrate it with the open source Google’s Android application.

Although in a highly-innovative world, Facebook can’t seem to make this available for all types of androids in one shot. There still be tweaks and heavy customizations needed so that other Android users can use Facebook Home. For a start, it is good news to those using iPhones and iPads.

It will still take some time before all Android users can get all the advantages of using Facebook Home. Users who have been using Home will probably enjoy the new feature ‘chat’ head on their phone. For users who don’t have chat head yet, it can offer a unified and neat interface for messaging through Facebook messenger and SMS. With it, you don’t have to change apps but use them at the same time.

Bottom line: The main function of the Facebook Home’s chat head feature offers users a new way to use a better messaging option. Lastly, it comes with a unified and unique interface that they will enjoy. Users who want to know more updates about it will have to wait for official announcements from Facebook Home. For those who don’t have it yet for their non-compatible device, they can wait for future tweaks from the app developer.

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