Logitech’s Ultimate Remote Review

Sara Cunningham April 17, 2013 0
Logitech’s Ultimate Remote Review

Logitech Ultimate recently added the Logitech Harmony Smart Control and Logitech Harmony Ultimate—the latest Harmony Universal remotes. Both of those universal remotes can help users access their devices better even if the remotes are behind closed doors. These types of hub can receive a command via RF and Wi-Fi. They can use Bluetooth to transmit signals of commands onto the consoles used in gaming such as Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. It can also work with other infrared devices so users will never have to control them on sight.

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Logitech Plans Selling Harmony

If you’ve been following Logitech, you might have been questioning that the company has stated that they were trying to sell their Harmony line. You are indeed correct! Logitech has announced back in January that they’ve been getting declining earnings. So, they came up with the decision of selling off their remote business—Harmony. Company figures revealed that it garnered a decline of 24 percent in sales.

Meanwhile, the company’s spokesman has told news sources that while they’re looking for a buyer, they would keep Harmony going. They will continue in the business as usual phase. While in the process of working things out for the Harmony remote control, the company has decided to kick their remote line hand-in-hand with the Ultimate. As an update, Logitech has enhanced its Harmony Touch to improve connectivity.

Reviews online has revealed that this new remote control is one of the most hassle-free remotes on the market to date. Now, it comes with even better features due to the addition of the vibration feedback. Users can now determine if they’ve pressed or swiped the right commands. In addition, the device’s buttons and sensors are made programmable for both short and long press commands, doubling its performance.

To those who might want to know, the device looks like a small router, the operation’s brain. Users can install it in their entertainment room or center, where it can send commands from a remote controller to devices even behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, the product also comes with a feature that is designed for people who are struggling to memorize their game console controller to see a DVD from Blu-ray on their console. In addition, you can use it to transmit commands from the remote controller, even without getting the game controller.

In connection, you can now take total control of home entertainment with the new Smartphone App Harmony available for use on mobile devices. In the process, users will be able to program stations without any hassles. This way, they can choose their channels, which can be different from their partner’s preference. Now, you can easily access and control entertainment even from your Android device.

The Ultimate will be out in stores at a price of $349.99 on the US market and in Europe. For users who want to use their androids to control their home entertainment system, they can use the Harmony Smart Control at a price of $129. If you would use the hub with your Harmony app on your android, you will have the power to control about eight different devices. The device also comes with a user-friendly remote, which you can use when your Smartphone is out of sight.

Is it bad or good news? It might be a good one for those who wish to control their entertainment system using their Smartphone but not for the rest. Let’s wait and see future updates on how the market would appreciate this new device offered by Logitech.

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