Microsoft: The Come Back of the Start Button With Windows Blue

Sara Cunningham April 17, 2013 0

In today’s Microsoft update, the company is said to be working on their new Windows 8 version. It has been rumored that the company will work on an update that will contain an option of booting the old Windows interface. Having that said, those who currently use the start screen can expect some sprucing up soon. However, it’s also been rumored that there won’t be many changes at all since Microsoft will be coming up with Windows 8.1 called the Windows Blue, says The Verge.

It is the latest update to Windows 8, which has only been out on the market last year in October. The minor release is expected to come out this year. Microsoft recently revealed that they’re making small gaps in between releases for their ‘flagship’ operating system. Microsoft added that their company is currently cooking up plans to make their services and devices much better for the techie public. Recently, all officials and workers of the prestigious company have been putting in effort for the ‘Blue.’

Meanwhile, speculations have arisen that the name Microsoft Blue may not be feasible at the moment. The chances? It’s little to none. It is what the corporate vice president Frank X. Shaw revealed.

On the other hand, The Verge has cited some sources that Redmond was testing Windows Blue to have an option of including a boot system other than its normal desktop setting, which has a hot corner functionality, enabling users to access the Start and Charms Screen intact when the option ‘boot to desktop’ is active.

Meanwhile, the company is also working to revive the current Start Button and Start Menu. Sources say that this has something to do with a ‘CanSuppressStartScreen’ option during the Windows 8.1 update.

Microsoft  The Come Back of the Start Button With Windows Blue 2

However, those users currently using a Windows 8 device do not have to worry about losing the default interface even if the OS will be updated. On the contrary, rumors stated that it is might be unlikely that the developer will push out the old look of Windows 8, but it will just become an option.

As critics from around the world have noted, there still is a lot of flaws to be fixed in Windows 8. The launch of the Windows 8 last year was not well-applauded at all since many users do not greatly appreciate the IU which is created for mobile devices and PCs using touch screens instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse set up.

Organizational and business Windows users are particularly unhappy with the change. Windows 8 is said to be the most ambitious innovation that the Microsoft Company has ever attempted since day one. They’ve introduced the one and only graphical user interface since the 1995 release of MS-DOS operating system.

The Big Piece of the Puzzle?

The Windows 8.1 new look is still one big question for many users and whether Microsoft is reviving the old UI for Windows 8 or not is something to watch out for. However, the software company is known for backtracking if users are dissatisfied. Let’s wait and see in future updates.

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