Two factor Authentication to be Unveiled by Microsoft

Sara Cunningham April 18, 2013 0

There is one certain word that is keeping me amazed in this period, Microsoft. First I thought that they were a little bit lazy with their work and came up with some devastating features. This period, they are pushing their product and their name up where it belongs. This time they are releasing two new authentications which are the key factors for this company. With this, they are joining the proper ranks adding the support for this mechanism for security in their services and products which can be accessed via Microsoft Acc.

This security process is called by the company “two-step verification”. Microsoft has made this verification available through all their services and products which are accessible via a Microsoft Account. This includes Windows Phone, Windows,, Xbox, Office, Sky Drive and many more. According to the company, the rolling out of this new service will be in process in the next couple of days.

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft Account is the newest name of the previous Microsoft’s Live Id’s.


This new way of authentication is aiming at reducing all the online identity thefts and some other scams. As time passes, a single password protection is no longer enough for giving the proper protection. Nowadays, passwords can be easily breakable and enabling the thief to have an easy access to your information. Bigger companies like Facebook, Google, PayPal and Apple have already made this security service enabled and all of the users have only positive words for it.

From previous explanation for this service, Microsoft is expected to set up this verification process when you log into your Microsoft Accounts by any applications and devices. In order to access the account, you will be asked for the usual password and one additional security code which will be randomly generated by the Authenticator app placed in your phone.

This process wouldn’t work with the already linked accounts. It will require users to unlink their linked accounts before they can turn on the feature. Some other applications, for example the mail app, won’t support this new process. For this, Microsoft has added an additional feature which is called application password and it will generate a password from the Web site of the Microsoft Accounts.

Recently, Lee said that some features in Microsoft already have the ability for requiring additional security factor for accessing. Those kinds of features are and while establishing SkyDrive connection to PC. In these previous mentioned cases, users need to enter some numerical token which is received by e-mail or SMS in addition to log in to their accounts.

As we can see, all the companies are trying their best for securing the information of the users. This is not a bad thing to do and finally they have put the user’s protection over their own benefits.

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