Can Blackberry OS Take Back the Lead for BB?

Sara Cunningham April 18, 2013 0
Can Blackberry OS Take Back the Lead for BB?

BlackBerry comes with their new name, Blackberry OS, their latest introduction on the market using a new operating system, which is said to be a legitimate shot in the mobile industry where it had once led. This new Blackberry OS comes with as a compelling case for those in the marketing industry. Sources say that BlackBerry aims to persuade users to ditch their old phone with this latest from them.

Can Blackberry OS Take Back the Lead for BB 2

In the period of 2004-2008, BlackBerry was a recognized brand on the mobile market scene since it was beloved by both professional and personal users. It has introduced them to integrate their inboxes and calendars. During the said period, the company has garnered a wide following of at least one million. However, with the advancements from competitors such as Samsung and iPhone, also leaders on the mobile market, BlackBerry have tainted its popularity and not kept their leadership slot. Competitors like Apple has come up with even better innovations with the introduction of touchscreen phones, not mentioning that it has also revolutionized in features, which the techie public has embraced and loved.

Can Blackberry OS Change the Face of the Game?

With this latest innovation, spectators and critics have been waiting for results as to whether this new OS phone can change the way games are today. Can the Blackberry OS keep up with the ever-growing demand for more features of the mobile-apt public?

Meanwhile, despite the new introduction, the company is still keeping its signature features such as the BlackBerry messaging system. But, the BlackBerry is said to be reinventing their Hub with a new virtual design that is said to entice the consumers even more.

As of now, a majority of positive reviews has been received by BlackBerry from both critics and consumers. As far as authorities like the Wired UK has revealed that this new phone is very easy-to-use and slick. It also claims that the new invention is quite revolutionary in the category. It is said to woo the android and Apple geeks.

According to feedbacks online, the new Blackberry OS fits professionals since it can make a great business phone. It comes with a lot of security features and a suite of major enhancements which can make this phone an ideal one for every user. The new phone is said to be the next big thing.

If you would ever have your hand on it, you will note that the BBM is back with even better features. Still, it can be the world’s most protected and secured chat messaging system which has been upgraded to cater to video chats and a different keyboard which is said to can completely rival that of the iPhone. Now, it can also support Wi-Fi voice calling. In addition, the new phone comes with the Hub which is an adept communication manager that store all emails, social media updates, and texts.

What Is Next?

Well, we all need to stand by and wait to see how the new Blackberry OS fares on the market. You would never know but BlackBerry might take back its position to be the world’s number phone. Users will decide, so you better check out for updates about this phone today.

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