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If you’re a Nintendo Game fanatic, you might want to hear the latest news that the company is launching their Zelda Game for Nintendo 3DS. The Legend of Zelda is one of the hottest games for all you gamers out there and in fact have come up with several versions.

Based from Reggie Fils-Aime, the ever-dynamic leader of Nintendo America, this new game will entice and invigorate users to try and play Zelda Game for Nintendo 3DS. It is said to enhance the ever-flat platform of 2D (known with their “A Link to the Past”). Now, it’s said that the new game will come with volume and height and that is what 3D is all about. You surely would like to check that out on their 3DS eShop.

Review Zelda Game for Nintendo 3DS 2

Fils-Aime announces the latest addition for Legend of Zelda, which is far better than “A Link to the Past.” It was about twenty-two years when Link has been introduced to the gaming public on their Super NES. Today, people can expect more adventures which are said to change the face of gaming.

This is the latest in the handheld gaming device, so users who are updated with Nintendo’s products will surely love this new game. However, the untitled 3D version of Zelda is yet to be announced but is coming soon this year.


The developers revealed that there would be new levels and stories as well as sword-wielding link which will allow users to convert into a drawing using 2D. Adding up to that, Fils-Aime also said that this new game will fully-used the 3DS as it will give a new depth sense. The new game can also solve mechanics by enabling gamers to launch into a wall. In addition, they can be allowed to navigate from one wall to another if they want to get to another place. The new version is said to be the first-ever to be introduced for the Nintendo DS.

Critics have said that this new game seems to look great as compared to other games as it uses 3D in the first place. Users can get rid of the flat world that 2D is known for. Now, the game is made even more dynamic and exciting for all fans. Although it comes with the original storyline, the Zelda 3D is said to include more dungeons to conquer.

Another thing that Nintendo is boasting about this Link is that it comes with the enhancement of transforming into a drawing. That sounds interesting enough, right? Here’s how it goes. Because it is a wall sketch, it can be able to navigate in different areas in a newly-introduced way to reach all those places that users have not been before. Seems like there’s more adventure awaiting all fans out there…. This capability will allow you to see a new angle of the game that comes with great object heights. Users can truly have a most wonderful time playing their Legend of Zelda game. You are also sure to get a new look at the game, which you have never experienced before.

What Now?

You better check out for more news about this Zelda Game for Nintendo 3DS. Definitely, users will post their comments about it. Sure if you are dead serious getting it, go to the shop. Lastly, you should enjoy the game, whatever that is.

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