Microsoft Restocking Microsoft Surface Pro After Whirlwind Sell Outs

Heidi Speare February 14, 2013 0


Microsoft is stating that they will have a new stock of Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets by this Saturday, Feburary 16. This restock comes after online sales went viral for the 128 G tablet hybrid and rapidly sold out.


Stores that carry the Microsoft Surface Pro are expected to be replenished this week. These stores include the official Microsoft store, online Microsoft store, Staples, and Best Buy. This news broke as a tweet rendered by chief of the Microsoft team, Panos Panay states:

There continues to be great demand. We’re working hard to restock so we can reach as many customers as soon as possible. We are shipping more 64gb now to BBY, Staples, MS Store and online. 128gb at BBY and MS Stores by Saturday.”

Microsoft did not prepare for what displeased consumers are calling  “an indiscretion to prepare for  a major demand .” According to sources, Best Buy only had very few 128G Microsoft Surface Pro Models in stock, and the hybrid tablet sold out very shortly after it was made available for purchase on the online Microsoft website.


Those who did not even have the opportunity to purchase the Microsoft Pro, now are wondering “Why did Microsoft not predict and plan for this type of  demand from consumers, after they hyped their product so much in the media? In addition, why did they not anticipate this shortage occurring, and prevent it by enabling pre-orders so that anxious customers could reserve their model?

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet is essentially a tablet and a laptop hybrid. Users can have all of  the features of a laptop, but carry the convenience of a tablet (the new Microsoft Surface Pro sports similar features of the Ultrabook models being boasted by Toshiba, Dell, and Hewitt Packard.

You can get your Microsoft Surface Pro for a cost of  (64 GB) $899, and the (128 GB) with more storage for $999.

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