Believe It or Not: Google Cancels Selling of Google Glass on eBay

Sara Cunningham April 18, 2013 0

Google, one of the leading world innovators, has come up with this new and sleek Google Glass, aiming to entice the techie public with a wearable gadget. Sounds like a plan? To those who have been following Google, you might have noticed how this company has dominated the World Wide Web for many years and that seems to never stop them from coming up with more innovations.

What Is New With Google Glass?

If you’ve been thinking what can actually make this thing unique, you should see how it works. Yes, this is a gadget you can wear, not a phone or any other android device on the market. What’s even more amazing is that this glass has garnered up to $90,000 bids on eBay. Wow! That sounds like the public is really into trying this thing out. However, to the dismay of everyone, the bidding process on eBay has been called off by Google authorities for the fact that it has violated some terms and conditions, says Google.

Will You Buy Google’s Story Google Cancels Selling of Google Glass on eBay 2

The seller’s reaction? Of course that seller is dismayed and at the same time so annoyed. To whom? She or he did not mention. You know the reason? Google officials have noted that anyone who has obtained it cannot resell. Wow! Where on earth could a deal like it exist? For the public, it might be simply because Google does want the public to buy it from them exclusively. So, you should remember that you should not plan to sell your Glass if ever you would obtain one. The seller added that she or he did not receive any agreement at all about ‘not reselling’ the Google Glass, which he or she has obtained.

To those who are interested but do not have the funds to shell out for it, you all should be happy to know that the device is not and will never be sold at all. The seller who has recently graduated from a college said that he or she planned on selling the Glass because he or she has to pay for college debts.

What Makes People Gaga Over Google Glass?

Here’s the thing. The bidding obviously has proven that the public is indeed interesting to get their eyes on this product. The auction has shown that people is demanding for this thing. Well, if we have some money to spare for gadgets and that you truly love to wear those glasses, why not? To give you a clear view of the product, it works like your reality eyewear. You can enhance viewing of data anywhere, anytime.

Google’s Say….

You should know by now that as a business, it is business and will always be business for Google. Now that they realize how this Glass could sell, why not they sell it themselves? Wise move, isn’t it? As an update, the company has started to ship its developer the new eyewear.

For sure, you want to grab one for yourself, right? If you are a Google fan and are crazy about getting all their offers, your waiting should not be longer. You can visit the specifications of the spectacles on their site. Here are some we’ve gathered. It comes with adjustable nose pads, photo capturing of up to 5MP, and so much more.

Craving for More?

If you really love to get a hold of this gadget, you should tune in to know the latest updates. You should also read more reviews from users who have experienced using it themselves. Final note: If ever you run tired of your Glass, you should not resell it (maybe on eBay and in other places where Google will find out). You know what I mean.

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