Cool Gadget the Hapifork – Combatting Weight Gain

Jasmina Lozevska April 19, 2013 0

I thought Google Glass was a strange technological innovation and then I heard some information about Hapifork. Yeah, it’s the usual fork but this one is smart and it has vibrating feature. If you are not intrigued enough just by the name, keep reading. This eating gadget has really cool features and it will surely surprise you.

If you are having trouble slowing down your eating pace and you have tried to control your bodyline and weight, this gadget will vibrate if you speed up the eating or you eat too fast. It will remind you that you need to slow down and balance your eating.

This HapiFork device is like an analytic for your meal. It tracks and calculates the times you have raised your fork to your mouth. This is calculated per meal and per minute. This is not all – it can track how long it will take you to feed yourself calculating the forkful, how long takes your meal, it tracks the period from when you started and finished the meal. Sounds impressing?


The design of the fork is really cool and easy to handle. It comes in a few really cute colors and what amazed me the most it’s delivered to you in a carrying case to make your traveling easier. You can go anywhere with this high-tech fork, and you will be in the center of the attention everywhere you eat with it.

When you first try to eat with it, it will feel little bit chunky in your hand and maybe it will remind you of some other forks that you used to eat with. It will be strange experience for you but you will get used to it and you will love it. This awesome gadget will control your eating by slowing the pace. You will be grateful of how this HapiFork will control your weight through vibrating. If you eat too fast, it vibrates, if you eat more than you should – it does that, as well. Generally, it tends to control your mind by keeping your focus on the meal.

This is something that you must have if you can’t control your eating by yourself. This fork could easily become your favorite gadget and you would want to take it everywhere you go. I simply love innovation and honestly, get very excited when I hear something new has been released.

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