Is a 5-inch Nokia Smartphone/Tablet Crossbreed in the Works?

Jasmina Lozevska April 19, 2013 0

All the analysts have expected something like this to happen. Today Nokia has announced their smartphone shipments and it doesn’t look good and promising. We can all agree that they need some innovation to their devices in order to try and be compatible with all the other manufacturers in the market. It is reported that Nokia is preparing a Lumia phablet. Surprised?

This report came from a source close to the company’s plans which told Financial Times that Nokia is preparing many high-end smartphone devices for launching this year. They would likely try to jump into the phablet market. According to the source, the most innovative device which will hit the market will be a 5-inch phablet device. This tablet/smartphone will be designed to compete on the market with some other devices as the Galaxy Note by Samsung.

The other devices which are scheduled for launching this year will be a Lumia phone with Pureview tech by Nokia. This phone will be scheduled for early July launch and it will feature a 40-mpix camera with flash. The other one, which attracts certain attention, is the unveiling of the new advanced version of Lumia 920 and a budget low-cost edition of this phone scheduled for this fall.


Nokia’s CEO Stephan Elop blamed the competition for their weak performance on the market with their shipments. We said that they need something really innovational to boost the company combat on a higher level and to compete with the competition. The manufacturer from Finland today announced that they have shipped 5.6 million Nokia Lumia devices during this year’s first quarter. With this number they noticed 25% gain from earlier when they shipped 4.4 million devices during the 4th quarter last year.

These percentages are not enough to compete with their rival smartphone manufacturers. One report showed that Apple sold 37 million iPhone devices last quarter and Samsung is the leader in this industry and shipped 61 million devices. People from Nokia said that they expect their shipments to rise in this ongoing quarter by 27%. This is maybe too hard to reach because even with all those smartphones which are scheduled to come out this year, there is so much more they should do in order to reach the high level market dominated by Samsung and Apple.

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