Nokia’s First Quarter Shows 5.6M Lumias Sold

Jasmina Lozevska April 19, 2013 0

The smartphone manufacturer Nokia can find itself back to the red zone again. The only bright spot in this company from Finland is the new Lumia smartphone which noted big sales on the market. The sales of this device are up 25% from the last fourth quarter and this will result in a great income later when the quarter is wrapped up.

Nokia has reported today their sales from the first quarter of this year. The sales of the other devices are not so good but Nokia Lumia smartphone is off the chain. With this, Nokia has sent a sign to their partner Microsoft that the things are not going so well and they are struggling to get back to the proper track. This made Microsoft’s report sound ridiculous, because few days ago they have said that they believe their partner is doing great with their sales. They have added that they don’t feel any need for launching a product of their own.

The numbers aren’t showing great signs or bright future. However, the Lumia shipments were up 25% during the first quarter. This is or 5.6 million shipments and the last fourth quarter they have shipped 4.4 million devices. These numbers meet the analysts’ expectations.


Just for comparison, Apple has shipped 37 million iPhone devices and Samsung has noticed a big leap selling 61 million devices during this same quarter. This report came from Reuters. Besides, they have announced their overall shipments of smartphones with a total number of 6.1 million devices. In this number, Lumia and Nokia Asha models are also included. They have some great future plans for the shipments of the Lumia device. They are expecting this number to increase more than 27% in this ongoing quarter. If we look the overall sales, we can notice that they are down by 25% year by year.

Stephan Elop, a CEO of Nokia, has some interesting thoughts about these low sales of their smartphones. He said that the big competition out on the smartphone market is the main reason which stands behind their falling smartphones sales. This Finnish smartphone maker is expected to lose 5 cents of their shares on the sales of $7.64 billion. If we exclude the items, they have noted a loss of 3 cents per share which is down from 0.08 Euros from last year. Nokia has reported a total $5.88 billion in cash this quarter which is down from $6.39 billion cash on this same quarter but a year ago.

In my opinion, the competition isn’t the problem. They need to do something innovational to their smartphones which will bring the company back where it belongs.

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