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Jasmina Lozevska April 20, 2013 0

We have reported earlier that Twitter music is here. It brings a great way of discovering songs through the trending feature and artists. It sounds very simple but in reality is a little bit more complex. This application is more about searching and founding music that users are talking about on Twitter. Following an artist for their music? – I think not. Everybody follows the artists for different reasons, and there is lot of them. You follow some popular person because you like his music or maybe because this person fascinates you in some way. This Twitter music application won’t notice any difference.

Right from the application, you can get the area for navigation. There are some buttons placed at the top from which you can search for Now Playing music, Emerging, Suggesting and Popular. The Popular feature shows what is trending at the moment, Emerging gives you the news about some upcoming acts, Suggested shows artists which are based on your follows and tweets and Now Playing is showing all the songs mentioned from your followed users.


The interface has some colorful pictures included from fun artists. Something that I can get over from is all of these lists are based only on Twitter’s world. We all can get top lists from everywhere, and we don’t need to get them from the users on Twitter. You can find the search feature but it enables you only to search for artist profiles. If you select an artist from the previously made list, it will bring you more options. You can play 30second clip of the chosen song which is powered by iTunes, add some other artists to the people you follow with a simple click of a button which is placed in the upper right corner.

You can listen the full length of a song but you need to have Rdio Unlimited or Spotify Premium subscription. For both of them you’ll need to pay $9.99 a month. Paying for it is unnecessary but if you are already subscriber of these services, listening to music right from the Twitter’s app it comes like a great bonus.

So you must have been wondering what the big deal with this application is. Well, I guess that they want to take some piece of the music industry pie. It has a great interface and its good-looking service but it lacks feature for choosing songs. You can’t create radio stations and you can’t create any playlist for music. Basically, you can’t do anything other than finding music which is mentioned somewhere through Twitter.

It’s really good for discovering some new music only within Twitter’s world. Some of the kids and hard-core users might want to know what music is trending so they can buy it. They might enjoy into following other artists but other casual users won’t even see the value. By any means, it will not replace the existing iTunes, Rdio, Slacker Radio or any other music player from this kind. Maybe it’s great service for what it does best, but the doing isn’t great by any means.

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