In the Works: Small Touch Gadgets Running Windows Planned By Microsoft

Alex Bezeau April 20, 2013 0


Microsoft had a very busy year so far and they are continuing to bring their hard work out on the field. Latest rumors about this great company say that they are working on some tablet which will be powered by Windows 8. And what is great about this, the chief officer for finances had already confirmed this rumor.

The complete rumor is that this company works on some small touchscreen devices which will be running on Windows 8. Some indicators are pointing out that they are working on a new 8-inch and another 7-inch tablet. Peter Klein during a conference for the total earnings of their third quarter said that Microsoft is working with their partners to make new line of touch devices which will be small and powered by Windows. These tablets will be available in the upcoming months. Klein didn’t say anything about making device of their own, but if we consider the recent rush of the company into the tablet market with its surface devices, this it’s not excluded.

This report came a week right after the report from The Wall Street Journal which said that Microsoft is making a tablet with 7-inch display for launching somewhere this year. This kind of a 7-inch tablet wasn’t included and by far this hasn’t been a strategy planning for their upcoming devices. Maybe the executives have realized they need something innovational to try and compete with the 7-inch Nexus device from Google or the 7.9-inch iPad mini manufactured by Apple. These two devices has been very well accepted from the consumers and Microsoft in order to challenge them in total shipments on the market, needs to do something very different.


The 7-inch tablet version has been the main subject for rumors this past month. Microsoft maybe it’s taking a new step into a new minimum resolution for their Windows 8 devices and releasing a new 7-inch tablet maybe it’s somewhere around the corner. To be verified as a tablet, this device need to offer a minimum 1,024 x 768 resolution which is down from the previous minimum 1,366 x 768 resolution.

Beside this, Klein has announced that he is leaving this company at the end of this year. He worked 11 years for Microsoft and for the past 4 years he has been chief financial officer.

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