Technology: Facial Recognition Can Assist with Boston Bombing Investigation

Jasmina Lozevska April 20, 2013 0

This period hasn’t been so great for the US. So we were wondering how technology can help and find the missing suspect for the situation in Boston. Let’s bring Facial Recognition feature. We all have seen the faces of the people who are suspect for these marathon bombings which took place in Boston. From there this technology can find it on very easy way.

The police in this area asked all the people who were present when this happened to turn in their footages from the situation and to add that into the surveillance video from the nearest offices or markets. Examining them one by one will take hours or maybe days, at this advanced technology era this will take only few minutes or seconds. Facial Recognition can help by picking one person out from the crowd and it is looking for some differentiating features like nose shape, mouth shape, and distance between the eyes or something similar to this.


3VR placed in San Francisco developed this kind of software that can extract useful information from video clip and then it will make it searchable for the clients they have included in this service. It includes banks, retailers, law enforcement and security films. It doesn’t matter if the video comes from a smartphone or surveillance cameras it will identify every person and bring up the facial bio of every single person in the presently viewed field. It will take a snapshot of this person. This is explained by the CEO of 3VR Al Shipp.

Later, the information will be turned into a searchable metadata which will be searchable using several filters. From this, the investigators can turn their focus only to the certain people while eliminating those who don’t fit the description of the suspects. This facial recognition service is not usable for crime fighting only. Some marketers and retailers are looking the option for using this technology for learning more about their costumer’s behavior and to develop their own personalized market plans.

This technology raised big privacy concerns. According to a senior writer in CNET, Declan McCullagh, using this you can have an idea for public surveillance. The storage for the footages is very cheap and it’s possible that the cameras together with the facial technology will keep you on a track record of where you go, where you are and even when you are out of the range of the surveillance cameras.

This is an interesting theory and it has something true about it. I don’t fully agree with this, I firmly believe it positive effects are much more than negative. If this appears to help the police in finding a criminal, then I guess it’s acceptable.

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