Next iPad: iPad 5 Will be 25% lighter and 15% Slimmer

Jasmina Lozevska April 20, 2013 0

Apple is on the line in this period and they are confronting with big pressure. Earlier we have written that Apple is suffering with low share price and they need something which will boost this numbers way up. Maybe the new iPad 5 will be that “next big thing”. Numerous reports show some rumors about this device, and the latest of them say it will be 25% lighter and 15% slimmer.

This report came from an analyst from KGI Securities who goes by the name Mingchi Kuo. Yesterday on a meeting he told the investors that he expects the new iPad 5 to be both lighter and thinner. This information is a comparison with the fourth-gen iPad device.  According to Kuo, this reduction of the size is due to several added features. This includes 25% or 30% smaller battery, several improvements on the display and the technology for the new A-series processor chip. He added that this chip will slurp less juice than its predecessor. The Cupertino company will be using the same touch technology which they used for making the iPad mini. This display is thinner than the currently used touch technology on the full-sized iPad devices.


Kuo reported that the key attributes for Apple are “Lighter and thinner”. He and his company behind him think that this is the main reason why the last iPad 3 and 4 didn’t do very well on the market because they were heavier and thicker then the iPad 2. Apple has released these models within 7 months period one after another. This indicated several complaints of the third-generation buyers voicing discontent. Kuo said that he expect this next-generation iPad device to arrive somewhere at the end of this year’s third quarter.

Like we said earlier, this is the latest rumor. But some other rumors have indicated several changes to the design. Apple used the same design for the last three versions which is something abnormal when compared with the iPod and the iPhone line. A report which came from Japan said that Apple is working on slimmer iPad model and some other rumors showed some third-party cases which have took examples from the iPad Mini narrower design.

If you decide to trust this analyst Kuo, he has been always on sight with all of the Apple’s future plans. He had perfect timing with his report about 13-inch MacBook pro with retina display last year and with his details about iPad and iPod details. He had some accurate reports of the Apple’s iPhone 4 and he predicted the discontinuation of the MacBook Pro with 17-inch display. As it seems he is a trusted source but we will see if Apple come up with this kind of device.

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