Learn the Major Features of the New Blackberry 10.1

Sara Cunningham April 19, 2013 0
Learn the Major Features of the New Blackberry 10.1

Blackberry has introduced its newest operating system earlier this year, the Blackberry 10 and it seems like the company is motivated to bring more updates to their customers. Just like the most famous operating system this time which is Android, it already has the latest update which is Blackberry 10.1 following Blackberry 10.

The system is already available to its many developers. But, it isn’t certain yet as to when this update will be available to Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10. Meanwhile, let’s look into what the new Blackberry 10.1 has to offer.

Learn the Major Features of the New Blackberry 10.1 2

What’s the Catch for the New Blackberry 10.1?

Let’s find out if this new system is worth upgrading for. We’ve heard a lot and let’s check how better it has become from the previous operating system

  • PIN to Pin Encrypted Messaging

Since then, every Blackberry phone has its own PIN or ID number which allows the users to share files. In this new upgrade, even text messaging is encrypted. Instead of sending a message through the mobile carrier’s phone number, the users can simply exchange messages through the PIN numbers saved in the address book. This feature is a money and time saver at the same time.

  • HDR Options in Taking Images

HDR means high dynamic range imaging which is the major feature that the new Blackberry system is very proud of. It is a software application that gives the device a broader and wider range in capturing colors. Specifically, it focuses on capturing dark or light colors of an image and gives it more emphasis. The control also depends on the user’s preferences.

  • APN Wireless Network Editing Options

This feature depends on the user’s mobile carrier. Some carriers may cater this, some may also not. It will allow the user to edit or change its wireless network settings. This is best for corporate, personal and business use wherein the people in this kind of market need to apply special options in making devices communicate within their business networks.

  • Highlights and Text Picker Improvement

In the previous system, the text highlight was in blue. But now, it was changed to green to improve the user’s comfort needs in reading texts. There have been comments before that having the highlight in blue color made it hard for the users to read texts.

The new system also features newly improved text picker. It is now easier for users to move letters and texts from left to right directions.



  • Turn-off Notifications

This is one minor upgrade of the system. It allows the users to disable notifications for certain applications. The user gets to choose the notifications he or she will be getting every day.

What Else Does Blackberry 10.1 Offers?

There are a number of minor changes included in the new upgrade. The sharing menu’s background is now black, it is much easier now to check updates in the world of Blackberry and the phone can be locked and unlocked by simply using the power button.

Like mentioned, this system has a good number of new features. We just have to wait and see when this system will be available for an upgrade to the existing Blackberry smartphones now.

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