Low-cost iPhone: Will Hit the Market Very Soon

Sara Cunningham April 19, 2013 0
Low-cost iPhone: Will Hit the Market Very Soon

Lately, there have been rumors coming out about Apple’s upcoming release of a cheaper iPhone. It has been reported that Apple is planning to release a phone that won’t be made of an aluminum case which will make it cheaper from the rest of the iPhone models.

It was reported by Macotakara, a Japanese website that follows the development of Apple devices, said that an iPhone version with a plastic foundation is on its way to be released in stores very soon. Not long after, just this month, Tactus which is considered to spy around classified information about leading technology brands released a photo of what appears to be the rear plastic cover of the next Apple iPhone.

Low-cost iPhone Will Hit the Market Very Soon 2

What Makes the Low-cost iPhone Different?

According to the same Japanese website, the low-cost iPhones are not going to be as thin as the existing iPhones in the market today. It’s said to be thicker than any normal iPhone and will not carry the aluminum finish. The low-cost iPhones are expected to have a plastic cover, if true, it will be the first ever plastic iPhone ever created. If referred to the photo released by Tactus, the allegedly low-cost iPhone has a cover quality that is really similar to the MacBook laptop which was discontinued.

But, Tactus has never confirmed where it got the information and a photo of the cheaper iPhones.

What Are the Features of the Cheaper iPhones?

Still according to some rumors, the said low-cost iPhone will be powered by the same processor running the iPad Mini. It will be powered by an A5 processor and will still be featuring the Retina display like all iPhones do. It could be considered a small handy iPhone since it is rumored to have a 3.5 inch screen display. However, it should be wider and a little bit taller than the earlier iPhone models like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The cheaper iPhone is said to resemble the colors of the latest iPod touch. It should be available in vibrant colors blue, red and yellow. It will also be available in Apple’s staple colors black and white. It is expected to be a budget phone that people with an average income will be able to buy it with no sweat.

This phone is said to be available in the market in the second week of October, expected on the 15th. According to Tactus, it’s going to be released with a price tag of $300 in Apple and on legit mobile stores. It is within the price range of the Nexus 4 from LG and Google. There are no reports on how much the price the mobile carriers would give it.

However, Apple did not release any statement yet if this is true and if the company is even in the process of developing this iPhone version. If ever it’s true, this is a good move for the company to reach out to people with an average income.

If ever this phone comes out in the market, it might just give Google’s Android a threatening challenge.

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